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Never Lose Hope

Your feelings donhope’t just LAND on you. You generate them.

And if you generate sad feelings, you can also generate energising, happy and exuberant emotions.

Take responsibility for the way you’re feeling right now. If you are ‘losing hope’ it means that you haven’t chosen to generate hope in your life. It means that you haven’t chosen to rejuvenate yourself by drawing in the beauty of life around you. Go for a walk in a park, and realise how lucky you are to be here.

Notice the people around you. Sometimes you’ve got to get out of your own house to realise how big the world is.

Generate your own feelings. You’ve had beautiful days before. They will come again.

In this moment, you can choose new thoughts. You can direct your focus to support your own growth.

Say ‘yes’ to what moves you towards your dreams.

If you’re struggling with hope, maybe it’s because you’re not passionately pursuing what’s important to you.

When you’re in the chase of your ‘bliss’, running after it with your hair disheveled, and your feet pounding the pavement… there is no possibility of losing hope.

I know the days can get dark, but you deserve to have your dreams. Amidst all of the craziness of the world, you can still control what’s going on between your two ears.

Speaking of choosing emotions, I have to tell you – I’ve been so touched by everyone’s emails and support that I’ve received through the month. It seems that my troll email hit a nerve, and a lot of you related to plight in so many ways.

It reminded me about why I chose to have you in my life.

It reminded me about why creating a strong trading community is just so damn important to me.

If you didn’t get a chance to read last month’s newsletter, click here.

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