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Financial Conduct Authority Report

I have been scanning the Financial Conduct Authority Report out of the UK which if you are in need of a good snooze you can read here. One thing did catch my eye and it was the chart below which looks at the profit margin of the funds management industry in the UK.

Nice work if you can get it…..


Interesting Stat Of The Day

A little while ago I was playing around looking at the returns on the components of the S&P/ASX 200 in order to get a sense of what the distribution of returns for the year to date were starting to looked like. One of the reasons for doing this is that markets seems to be in the doldrums when we look at it from the perspective of what the index is doing and also public interest. Public interest is firmly rooted in the bubble that is real estate and think that this is the only game in town much to the detriment of the overall economy.

What surprised me is the number of stocks that beat the index for the year to date and the number that have had stonkingly large moves. One of the problems of looking at something everyday is that you dont tend to notice this sort of data in much the same way you dont see your parents getting old. You see them constantly as a child so you dont notice the incremental change over time. The same is true of markets unless you take a step back you dont actually see what is going on.

The table below contains all those stocks that have beaten the index to date and I have highlighted the number that have had triple digits returns.



Have A Guess….Any Guess

I should add that once a year Marc Faber who is cited often on this chart pops up and says the end of the world is coming. No doubt one year it will and he will bounce around in triumph and the dimwitted double digit IQ plonks in the media will laud him as a genius.Capture




















Source @JonBoorman


Those Damned Kiwi’s

Not only are they more socially progressive they also seem nicer.

And Before We Gloat

About how good things have been consider this months top 10 performing global indices. The most impressive gain has been ┬áby the major Venezuelan index which is up an astonishing 99% – which is not bad for a country that is going down the gurgler.


40 Years Ago

Just to make you feel a little older….



A Little Ray Of Sunshine….Maybe


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