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Re-edited and ready for release

Keep in mind these thoughts for today:

– Obstacles cannot stop you. Problems cannot stop you. Most of all other people cannot stop you. Only YOU can stop you.

– There are 3 times when people change – When hurt enough, when they desire enough, or when they learn enough that they want to change.

Most professional traders would be able to teach you to trade their system in about 2 hours. Why then do so few go on to achieve profitable results, even after being taught by some of the best minds of the trading world?

Most people are not instinctively set up to trade. There are very few naturals in the trading world… Learning to trade well takes more than just a weekend seminar.

One of the problems with learning about trading via a seminar is that it’s easy to emerge with an inflated view of your own abilities. How we react in real life may differ in comparison to our profitability when we paper-trade.

Trading with real money is harder than learning about trading. We’re more likely to over-estimate our potential returns, and under-estimate the psychological effects of trading.

Actual trading provides the best form of education you can possibly derive. The key to effective trading is to survive, with your equity intact, for as long as possible. Profits will come to those who make a concerted effort to realistically appraise their performance.

Keep track of your results, review your trading diary regularly. Don’t slack off. The ones that you love deserve better than that from you. Heck, you deserve better than that from you!

Watching your hard-earned capital disappear down the drain is never a pleasant experience. Most people actually quit trading after their first four or five losses. That’s why this is a game for grown-ups with a high level of emotional maturity.

As long as the lessons learned from a losing trade outweigh the emotional torment, it’s likely that you will stick around long enough to learn how to trade with skill.

Rely on our support. Lean on us during the good times and the times when you feel you’re being tested. Stick like glue to our methods, and this newsletter, and you’ll be ahead of 95% of the other traders out there in ‘hold and pray’ land.

Change is never easy. If we don’t make continuous improvement a priority, we will ultimately fail. Guard your attitude. Don’t let negativity into your house, in whatever form it takes – your brother-in-law, the newspaper, or via a tweet.

It’s that important.

I’ve just re-edited my Trading Secrets Triple CD set. It is nothing less than an entirely NEW, radically DIFFERENT and infinitely more POWERFUL approach to trading profitably.

In this audio presentation, I will personally explain why top traders think differently about trading and how they create wealth in uncommon ways. Most importantly, you’ll get specific strategies to boost your returns.

This is NOT like anything else you’ve ever heard about trading before … anywhere else… from anyone else.

Click here: to hear all about it and grab your copy today.



  1. Exactly what we needed !

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