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About Colin Simpson

Colin Simpson – farmer turned FX Trader, Completed the Mentor Program in 2004.

Who is Colin Simpson?
Colin Simpson completed the Mentor Program in 2004. He says: “My interest in trading was piqued many years ago when my late father used to subscribe to a newsletter that included charts. I thought they were really cool, and dabbled in trading from quite a young age.” After completing Agricultural Science, working as an Irrigation engineer and then runninghis family farm, trading provided the capital growth and cash flow Colin was looking for.
Today he is a full-time trader focussing on the FX,Indices and Commodities markets.He nowlives in Far North Queensland and enjoys sailing, tennis,golf and radio controlled model planes in his spare time, as well as being involved with the Coast Guard. Known for his sharp wit, attention to detail and focus, Colin has been helping Louise and Chris run the MentorProgram on an informal basis for years. His initiatives include suggesting our world first Trading Buddy Project which has become an integral part of our Mentor Program.

How Can Colin Help You?

Colin is always keen to give back to our trading community. As a trusted friend and confidante of Chris and Louise, Colin can help you i two main ways:

1) He can provide personalised trading coaching over the phone or in person. For more information about this, click here.

2) Colin is our Alumni forum moderator,introducing new topics and extending yourknowledge to prod,provoke and push you into being the best trader you can be.

After graduating from the Mentor Program, you’ll be given the option whether you’d like to become a part of our Alumni. In this separate partof the Mentor Program forum, our special inner circle of traders are provided with all the support they need to excel, both now and in the years to come. Colin will extend your knowledge of trading, generating alifetime of practical tradinng strategies.


Natasha and Glenys talk about Colin’s support during the Mentor Program.

Rave Reviews

Scott Lowther, System Tester, Melbourne“You get to meet a lot of people in the trading fraternity. You find afew that are clever, some have the same values as you,and some are just happy to help you outColin is one of the few that embodies all of these attributes and more. I’am a big fan of Colin’s attitude to helping others as well as his knowledge on trading in general and forex in particular.Just the sort of person you want in the trading trenches beside you.”

Kate Barden, Sheep & Cattle farmer, South West QLD“Whether it is an off-beat question ,explaining something or looking at charts Colin’s replies are always genuine and honest.He has helped mesee through the fog on many a tricky concept that we have learnt in the program. Thank-you Colin.”

Malcolm Waldock, Part-time trader, Sydney“Colin’s input to the forum is always focused on quality and simplicity. Whilst I will often skim read forum comments I always ensure that I read Colin’s posts with my full attention. Invariably he has been able to simplify an otherwise complex discussion or concept and make it real. His ability to draw upon actual trading experience from Mentor Program participant, to Graduate to Full-Time Trader is also worth plenty to us aspirants. On a couple of occasions he has taken time to respond directly to one of my posts and each time I have felt reassured about the direction in which I was headed. Like a lot of people on this forum he seems to give more than he takes and I have valued his input enormously. His keen sense of North Queensland fashion is also duly noted.”

Mark Polkinghorne Production Operator, QLD“Colin’s contributions to the Mentor Program discussions have directly benefited me. His straight to the point comments and real life examples of relevant trades to reinforce particular learning have helped me grasp new concepts faster and with much more clarity.I also feel privileged to have him as a a Trading Buddy and friend who happens to live just down the road.”

He’ll Bring Out Your Best!

Colin has the ability to bring out the best in the people he trains. Check out what Brian Carpenter has to say about him.

Brian Carpenter, Alpaca Whisperer, Brisbane

(Yes, as you can tell from the photo – Brian has a great sense of humour)

Ode to Colin

Today charts & candles reveal so much more
Louise and Chris brought my knowledge to the fore.

The ASX has charts galore, FOREX and FUTURES, ETOs and more.
CFDs through CBS, IG Markets might be best,
We should put City Index, to the test
GSLO s are much desired, Colin Simpson will abide.
USD and Chinese Yuan, we really have a lot to learn

With Colin Simpson by my side, I am in luck, I will confide
A man of truth and ethics sure, who could ever ask for more

A regular at the MCG, he invited all, including me
The night before the May meeting of this year’s first MP,
Discussion brief, but to the point, Colin’s views we did absorb
Not outspoken, but refreshingly frank,
All of us, He, we did thank.

A master of the trading game, to emulate is but our aim.
We are young birds craving to fly, to stretch our wings and soar in the sky
This man of trading will share his knowledge, stuff he didn’t learn at College
He earned his wings through LB and CT, now he shares with you and me.

With long experience, in life and shares,
He will support you, concerned how you fare.
Unpretentious, a regular guy, full of knowledge I’ll not lie
With a turn of phrase, or a dash of wit
We all have reason not to quit.
Heed the wisdom from this expert in the game,
And sure, you’ll accomplish much the same.

natalieNatalie Hatton, Part-time trader, QLD“Colin is genuine and honest. His explanation of forex trading and trading in general is very easy to understand, a rare commodity in today’s arena of so called traders! When you see a picture of him on his yacht and his computer up on his deck, believe me it will be a real photo!

Kym Chilton, engineer, soon to be father of four, Brisbane“I’ve read numerous posts from Colin that have set off a light bulb moment for me. I certainly respect his experience, passion for trading and willingness to help others. Most of all I love his style……..honest, to the point and no BS. He reminds me a little of someone else, albeit not as harsh nor bald.

nilsNils Thomson, Latin Enthusiast, North QLD“Colin is a genuinely good fellow and I am honoured to have met him through the Mentor program, and lucky to have him as a trading buddy. He says that he is only putting back in what he has received from the program but I would think that people who have benefited from his generous and often timely advice appreciate it much much more. As an inspiration to budding traders Colin is great role model.

rogerRoger Green, Trader, Noosaville, QLD“Colin is an easy person to talk to on the Forum and he replies promptly. His posts on the forum are very informative and interesting. He writes from his experience of practical, disciplined real world trading profits and is happy to share his ideas. At the same time he will not necessarily give all the answers on a platter but will lead you in the right direction to come up with your own solutions. He has been of great assistance to me and I value his advice and comments.”

Terry Gunning, mechanical maintenance, QLD“Colin is an easy bloke to talk with, and is happy to discuss in detail.He has a great mind set, knows what he is talking about and there is no BS with this bloke. He makes sure you understand. If a particular subject is not within his forte, he will say so.”

Christine Dalas, Accountant, Melbourne“I don’t know about anyone else, but Colin helped clear up alot of misconceptions I brought into the program. For that I will be forever thankful.”

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