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Bank of America: Too Crooked To Fail

Another piece by Matt Taibbi and Rolling Stone, things strike me about this article. Firslty, if even a fraction of it is true then it a profoundly distressing since it is not only a reflection of of BofA but also US society in general.

Secondly, why the f#%k cant our journalists and mainstream media be so forthright and engaging. I understand that our liable laws mnight have a tiny bit to do with this but I think the wider issue is that most local journalists are total f#$5wits with degrees in media studies.




  1. Apparently psychopathy is quite common in society. These individuals are not all serial killers – some of them may be your boss, a co-worker or a family member.

    Characteristics of psychopaths:
    No feelings of guilt, remorse or shame. Manipulative. Ruthless. Callous. Destructive. Lacking in empathy. Monumental self-importance. Pathological liars. Shallow emotions. Think nothing of using and hurting others to get what they want. Lack any sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

    Fancy that! It could almost be a description of Bank of America…

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