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10 Trading Tips to Fuel Your Profits

Caroline Stephen - Financial Journalist and host of

Caroline Stephen – Financial Journalist and host of

Hi, I’m Caroline Stephen. I’m the host of the Talking Trading radio show at Each week I bring you free interviews so that you can hear what the movers and shakers are doing and trading in today’s markets. If you haven’t registered on that website yet, what in the heck are you waiting for? You’ll love it!

We’re nearly ready to launch, so you’ll get the first set of episodes as soon as they’re ready.

My passion is financial journalism. I adore interviewing experts in the industry so that you can benefit from their wisdom about how to make money in the markets.

I’m in the process of writing a Special Report called ’50 Trading Tips to Fuel Your Profits’. Once it’s available I’ll give you a copy for free which I’m sure you’ll love. To get a copy, make sure you’re registered on

Here’s a sneak peak to show you the first 10 tips.

1)   Associate with greatness. If you hang out with top traders, some of their magic will rub off.

2)   Write a trading plan that spells out clear entry, exit and position sizing rules. Without this, you’re a ‘shoot from the hip’ trader, destined to self-destruct.

3)   Grab yourself a Mentor who can guide you and stop you from making the mistakes that will distract and frustrate you.

4)   Be kind to yourself while you’re learning and realise that ‘school’s never out’ if you want to be a professional trader.

5)   Be patient. Trading is more ‘tortoise’ than ‘hare’.

6)   Just because you’re not making money this week is no slur on your character. Your trading results are not who you are.

7)   Your past is only your future if you allow it to be.

8)   Everything you want is outside your comfort zone. If you could get the results you wanted now, there would be no need to change.

9)   The markets act as a mirror. Sometimes you won’t like the reflection you see.

10)  This too shall pass. Remember this when you’re making losses… but also when you’re making huge profits.

Trade your plan. Trade well.

Caroline Stephen

About Caroline Stephen

Caroline Stephen is your trusted, unbiased voice on what it takes to achieve success in the markets. With a strong professional background in journalism with the ABC, her investigative skills have been highly coveted by a variety of different organisations, including the 7.30 Report TV show. She is now the host of the Talking Trading radio show.

Caroline is one of the founding partners of and her role as CEO enables her to develop dynamic trading friendships with market experts so that she can empower the traders who turn to her for advice and counsel.


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