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What Is A Fish Bender?

Apparently Britain began its first census in 1801 and these are some of the occupations people listed.



Interesting Fact Of The Day

In the week ending 17/04/15 1,680,000 new A-share accounts were opened in China.

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A Race to the Front Row

Now I know why I have never done classes – they are full of sad narcissistic dickheads…..

Greccia Clausen, a Manhattan accountant, approaches her quest for a front-row bike at SoulCycle like the numbers game it is. Every Monday at noon, when the booking window opens, she and a friend each try to grab two front-row bikes. Then they compare notes and choose the two best placed, preferably front and center.

There, Ms. Clausen can’t be stuck, never mind slowed down, with a view of any rhythm-challenged, hungover or just not-quite-so-fit riders.

“When there’s people in front of me, it gets in the way of my workout,” she said on a recent Sunday morning in SoHo, after an hourlong Soul Survivor class and the purchase of a $54 white tank that read “FRONT ROW.” “I won’t ride if I don’t get the front row.” (Of the shirt, she said, “It’s a little obnoxious, but I’m a crazy front-row person.”)

As the New Year’s resolute join (or return to) gyms everywhere, pleased to log even the most desultory of workouts, a subset of people will have practically broken a sweat before class even starts in its efforts to land a front-row spot. For classes where those places can’t be bought or reserved, these die-hards arrive 20 minutes early to hover by the studio door, ready to throw down a water bottle to claim a spot.

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This is my WTF moment for this week – possibly this year. Did you know that in Arizona it is illegal to massage a horse without a licence.We are talking about therapeutic massage here, not the you have been out on the trail too long and that filly looks mighty fetching in this light. Interestingly, there is no restriction in Arizona on buying or carrying assault weapons and people wonder why the US is a f#4cked up place.

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