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When I started trading there was one market – the local one, it was impossible to trade anything else because the technology simply didn’t exist to allow it. Any orders from overseas came in via telex and everything was done by paper transaction. One of the brokers I worked for even had a an employee whose job was to stand by the printer overnight and fold the printed contracts into a bin. Poor bugger lost his job after I told the back office they could get paper that would fold itself.

Sitting here at my desk I have access to every market in the world from a single platform Рeven my phone now has access to every market in the world.  For many traders this access to information is not the blessing it may seem to be simply because of the limited ability of the human brain to concentrate on any given task for a length of time. We are preprogrammed for distraction Рthis is why the internet is such a great waster of our time.

This little graphic whilst not trading specific gives some wonderful clues on how to deal with the constant distraction of the noise of trading.










  1. That’s brilliant.

    Most of us do some of those things naturally but we can always improve

    Thanks Chris

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