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Did I Miss Anything?

I must have slept through armageddon either that or it didnt happen. This entire little event that gained far more oxygen than it was worthy of proved that humans are fundamental irrational and that those with imaginary friends are even more irrational. In any sane and compassionate society anyone who claims to have voices in their head is treated for mental illness. For some reason when it comes to those who hear voices in their head and say it comes from God tend to have a somewhat revered place in society.

Given this little fiasco it is perhaps appropriate that I point people in the direction of an excellent series in this months New Scientist called the Grand Delusion. The site offers a free registration for access.


What you see is not what you get.

Your senses are your windows on the world, and you probably think they do a fair job at capturing an accurate depiction of reality. Don’t kid yourself.

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Blind to Bias

Do you see the world through a veil of prejudice and self-serving hypocrisies? Or is it just other people who do that?

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Head full of half truths

One of the most important components of your self-identity – your autobiographical memory – is little more than an illusion

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Egotist, moi?

Most drivers think they’re better than average. Most people think they’re less likely to have an inflated self-opinion than average. See the problem?

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Who’s in control

The more we learn about the brain, the less plausible it becomes that we have free will

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