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Does Your Passion Pay?

I came across this set of 52 rules for life and its not bad – a little touchy feely for my liking but it is not a bad general list of things to aspire to for a better life.

One rule did strike me –

6.Find your passion. Another indispensable tip. This might be the second on my list of priorities. Find something you love to do, and your life will become immensely improved. You will love your work, the thing that you spend 40 hours (or more) a week doing. You will become more productive, procrastinate less, be less stressed. You will produce something you are proud of, and happy about. Read this article for some practical tips.

Whilst I don’t necessarily disagree with this – sometimes your passion doesn’t pay well enough to justify its place in your life. This may seem somewhat mercenary but what happens when you passion doesn’t pay and places inordinate strain on the rest of your life, everything else you are trying to hold in balance begins to suffer.

As an example, once a week I do a stretch class with a young dancer, dancing is both his and his families passion. But and there is always a but – it barely pays the rent as a result it places strain on everything else.

It is indeed a lucky person who finds a true passion that pays. It is true that money isn’t everything but it makes the shitty things in life much more tolerable.



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