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Our forum is the place where traderís seeking solid results and greater control, independence and security, come together. Trading mistakes can be expensive, so it makes good sense to learn how to avoid them. The Trading Game trading forum has been designed to bring together professional traders with decades of experience and new traders who are just starting out on their trading career.

Trading Support Guaranteed

By using the forum, we guarantee that youíll have access to the knowledge of two committed, internationally recognised sharetraders – Chris Tate and Louise Bedford– and receive an incredibly effective source of ongoing education about the very latest sharemarket strategies and techniques. Youíll also gain access to the support of other massively successful traders who have been trained personally by Chris and Louise. This exposure to professionals allows inexperienced traders to find answers to questions that would normally take years of trial and error to answer.

If you want to ask a professional trader a question about trading system design, money management or the subtleties of trading the current market, then this is the place to ask. In fact, the people who ask the most questions are usually the ones who tend to derive the best trading results over time.

Forum access is free for a certain period of time to anyone booked into a Trading Game seminar. You can also gain access by purchasing a forum access package from our Trading Game shop. Also, from time to time, we offer free forum membership in association with our favorite charity, in exchange for a donation to that charity. Stay in touch through the Trading Game newsletter for full details.

How To Get In

If you have already subscribed to the Trading Game Forum, fill in your login details on the top right hand corner where it says ‘Sign in’ on any of the web pages on this site to gain access.

Want Free Forum Access?

  • What is it worth to you to have the life you want, and money to really enjoy yourself?
  • What is it worth to you to have a trading business that you run, rather than an occupation that runs you?

We’ve worked with a lot of private traders and one thing they tell us is that their success has skyrocketed, often within weeks of seeing us. You owe it to yourself to pursue your own trading education with passion and enthusiasm. Securing a coach will be one of the best investments youíll ever make for your own trading results. Chris and Louise will be on the forum to coach you towards becoming the best trader you can be by providing world class trading education and advice. 

Even if you have purchased product from The Trading Game Shop that doesn’t come with forum membership included, you will be given complimentary ‘read only’ forum access for one month as our gift to you. This will let you trial the forum before you decide to purchase a 12-month subscription. Alternatively, if you haven’t yet registered and would like to trial the forum, register and fill in your details and begin your one-month free trial (all free trials are ‘read only’ access).

You Don’t Have to Put Up With Not Knowing How to Trade a Minute Longer!

There ís never been a better time to sharpen your axe, fast-track your success and get involved in learning how to trade securely, effectively and profitably. We want to see you become successful as quickly as possible, so make sure you register now to become a part of our thriving trading community and check out our forum.

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“These new traders are the people we’re having coffee with in the middle of the day, while everyone else is working at a job.

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More happy customers

Well done Jeremy! You covered the cost of the Mentor Program in only 2 weeks.

Jeremy-NocklesJeremy Nockles, GM Sales and Marketing Downia Australia, Melbourne

“Every step of the way I felt safe, secure and confident because I knew that what I’d been learning through the Mentor Program was effective. I have covered the course cost twice over in only 2 weeks!”

Donna now has the belief she needs to excel

Donna-BarringtonDonna Barrington Printing Industry, NSW

“It is only from doing this program that I have realised how lacking other programs that I have done are. What I have learnt in the first 3 months of the Mentor Program is more than I have learned in the last 3 years of attempting to learn.

Thanks for giving me the knowledge to succeed in the share market. I now have the belief that I can do this.”

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