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Free Trading Plan Template

Discover the key to the money vault used by every professional trader on the planet, and develop a gigantic breakthrough in your own trading results!

louise bedford chair“Sick of struggling with inconsistent trading results, but want to be a heavy hitter in the markets?

Then you need to develop a trading plan, write it down, and trade with it consistently. This tool is your secret weapon when it comes to trading with confidence and clarity. I’m about to give you my free trading plan template, so keep reading to find out more about it all.

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Your info will not be shared with any 3rd party.

Every single professional trader knows that a trading plan is the key to their success, and now, you can implement the closely guarded secrets of this incredible tool. I’m about to show you how.” – Louise Bedford

As a best-selling author of books on the sharemarket, private trader, and founder of the Trading Game Mentor Program, I’ve tried hundreds of different strategies in the markets. Some work. Some don’t. I want to be your shortcut and give you an unfair advantage in the sharemarket so that you’ll be able to achieve what you really want through trading.

I want to give you the right information so you don’t make the costly mistakes I’ve seen hundreds of other traders make – traders who haven’t trained with Chris and me. That’s why I’m going to give you my free trading plan template, to give you the edge you need to do brilliantly in the markets.

The success we’ve empowered all of these people to create for themselves is just as important as the success we’ve personally achieved. As many people don’t want to go public and say what they’ve achieved, the colossal number of testimonials on our website are just a snapshot of the success achieved by literally thousands and thousands of people just like you. They’re regular people… REAL people… earning REAL money using techniques they’ve learned from us as professional traders. The trait they share is that they ALL have a written trading plan, based on the free trading plan template I’m about to give you.

Trade with the Professionals!

None of these sharemarket winners tried to ‘reinvent the wheel’. They all focused on strategies that we’ve been using for years… and put them to work in their own customised trading plans.


Here is what one trader, who is using my methods, has to say:

louise bedford testimonial

Suppose you had trained with

Chris and Louise 5 years ago.

Where would your life be today?

Imagine the life choices that would open up for you!

I know the difference that a trading plan has made to the results my traders have achieved. People just like you. I’ve seen the changes they’ve made in their lives with the cars they drive, the schools they now send their children to, and the holidays they now enjoy. The evidence is overwhelming. I’m incredibly passionate about this as I’ve seen the results, and I know they can be just around the corner for you.

Now, a bit of background about why a trading plan is important and the difference it can make to your life.

How much more time are you going to let pass you by?

Both winning and losing trades teach us important lessons. Losing trades often provide the greatest opportunities for personal growth as traders. As an aerobics instructor of mine once yelled in the middle of a class: “That which does not kill us, strengthens us”.

Over time, a robust trading plan will produce greater profits than losses. A good trade is made when you follow your trading plan to the letter regardless of a profit or loss result. It is a sign of a disciplined trader. If you are having trouble developing your own plan, I suggest that you plagiarise the ideas of other traders/authors who you relate to. After you have tried out their concepts, you can make alterations to suit your situation. Duplicate before you innovate.

Years ago during my university days, I was told of a study of Harvard business graduates. The study was designed to establish which are the common factors that lead graduates to ultimately succeed financially.

Interestingly, 20 or so years after their degrees, 5% of the graduates were earning 95% of the total money earned by all graduates. It was the same 5% who had written down their goals and dreams all those years ago. The maintenance of a written life plan somehow helped these graduates to attain their goals. Some even carried their personal mission statements in their wallets.

Do you want to be in the top 5% of investors? Quick—grab a pen and paper and get writing. Register now for this free Trading Plan Template and fill it in, before you make another trade. It is absolutely essential! Take heart from the words of Warren Buffett:

To invest successfully over a lifetime does not require a stratospheric IQ, unusual business insights, or inside information. What’s needed is a sound framework for making decisions and the ability to keep emotions from corroding that framework.

A trading plan can provide you with the framework that you need to succeed in the sharemarket.

Don’t you just need a trading system?

The straight answer to this question is… No.

A trading system typically includes three components: the entry/exit methodology, risk management and money management.

The entry/exit methodology deals with the techniques you will employ to enter/exit your trades.

Risk management deals with your risk profile. Your risk profile takes into consideration how much you are prepared to lose on a trade before you can no longer hold on, or how much of your portfolio you are prepared to lose before you stop trading altogether (that is, maximum portfolio drawdown).

Money management deals with how much capital you invest in each trade as your portfolio value fluctuates. You must calculate how much of your capital to invest in each position. This is called position size.

A Trading plan is like a business plan that will help you decide which markets to trade,what to do with your trades when you go on holidays, and much, much more.

Suppose you were planning to purchase a business that had the potential to create an unsurpassed lifestyle for you and your family. Would you spend some time discovering the critical components necessary for success? Of course you would. You’d also work your tail off to develop a business plan that would set you up for the future.

The sharemarket has the potential to change your lifestyle forever. It’s up to you to lay out a road-map that will take you from where you are now, to where you want to be. That’s where a trading plan will assist.

You will derive the most benefit if you spend at least half a day considering the issues described in my free trading plan template that you’ll receive as soon as you register. Plus, you’ll also receive my free monthly email newsletter to help inspire, motivate and guide you as you jump up the rungs of the professional trading ladder.

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