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Getting Frustrated You’re Not Hitting Your Goals? – with my mate Pete Godfrey

Frustrating isn’t it? You’ve got all the books on goal setting. Your CD library is weighted down with motivational recordings… and you get yourself down to all those mindset seminars and suck in the information like some out of control vacuum cleaner on steroids.

You’re on cloud nine for a few days… anything seems possible as you write down your goals and dream the BIG dreams. And then it hits you. Like a physical blow, everyday life whacks you in the face and brings you back down to earth. It can be a shattering experience for some.

And then you start to try harder…you beat yourself up about your lack of progress… each day getting more frustrated with your own ineptitude… each day growing bitter, confused and angry.

Does this sound familiar? If it does, you’re not alone.

This was me for three or four years after I discovered this new world of visualisation, attraction and goal setting. (Before that time, the only goal I was interested in was the ones you kicked at the footy.)

So when I discovered this kind of thinking, I felt elated. This was my escape. I could have all this good stuff! I could have anything I damn well please! I took to this stuff like a pit bull with a bone and immersed myself in its teachings.

But for me, it took a few years of frustration to finally break through. And looking back, I can clearly see why.

And look, I’m no motivational Guru. (Tony? Mr Robbins? You’re safe okay?) But I have got some answers that worked for me. Maybe they’ll work for you too. You see, visualisation is the key.

You picture what you want your future to look like… you feel it, see it, touch it, even smell and hear things clearly in your mind’s eye. You believe you already have it. Like attracts like… it’s the old law of attraction. And there’s no doubt it works.

The trouble with me, for all those years, I was living in the future. And the present just annoyed me no end. So I wasn’t experiencing life as it was happening. I wasn’t accepting that this is what is happening.

The breakthrough for me was accepting my present life. Not trying to fight it, or hide it, or battle against it every damn day. But just accept it for what it was. It was when I finally stopped fighting and “just let go” it was like the whole world came to my aid.

• Doors started opening.

• Phone calls from important clients started coming through to my office.

• Invitations appeared as if by magic.

It was like everything was on hold, just ready to be posted my way… all I had to do was let go and accept. And now I understand. I understand the best, most intense and thoroughly rapturous times I’ve ever experienced are caught when I’m in the now, in this moment.

When I’m just being, when I’m enjoying the moment and extracting every last bit of life out of it. That’s intense… and that’s living at its best.

I don’t get caught up with what everyone else is doing… I don’t get caught up with the latest self-improvement crazes… I stick to the few core PROVEN principles that have worked since the beginning of time.

Sure I work hard on my thoughts. I visualise with intensity each morning. I’ve developed success habits that let me move mountains of work, that’s a given. What’s important NOW is I have learnt to let go, to stop fighting, to put my intention out there and accept it will happen. And that’s pure magic.

And that’s how I ended up getting out of my own way and allowing success to find me.

With more than a decade of experience in the marketing arena, Pete Godfrey, AKA “The Wizard of Words”, has developed a keen eye as to what it takes to succeed in business. As one of Australia’s most successful and highest paid copywriters/sale strategists, Pete’s client list contains many of the world’s savviest entrepreneurs. To get to know Pete better and see how you can profit from his hard-won advice go to and grab his new FREE report “Business Profits Blueprint: How to Profit in The New Economy”. Valued at a very real $97, it’s yours FREE for a limited time.


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