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How to Recharge Before You Lose All Your Money

Take a mental health day whenever you feel you need it.

No one is going to be there to give you permission to do so. Trading is a grind and a marathon.

Doing the same thing day in and day out can become monotonous. You’re not loser nor are you losing focus by taking care of yourself.

If you’re taking 3-day weekends ever few months/weeks, you might not feel the burn that others feel.

I think it’s very healthy to put some distance between yourself and the market for no particular reason.

You don’t have to be in a massive drawdown to do this. Shake it up a bit and get back to center.

As you might have heard me say, “there are no external solutions to your internal problems,” changing your routine can be refreshing when you’re in a lull.

More here – Martin Kronicle


PS: Having just returned from almost three weeks of only casually looking at markets I can attest to the benefits of this. The market will always be there when you get back.



  1. I’m very happy chugging along using systems that only look at the market on weekends and trades Monday opens. I am looking at a system that only trades at the end of each month.

    Interestingly my weekly trades seem to do just as well for me as when I looked at the markets for three hours every day. In my case, it seems, the lack of fiddling does me good.

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