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Idiot By Line Of The Day

For some reason I get a copy of Your Trading Edge sent to me on a regular basis and generally after a quick scan to see how far people can drop into superstition and magical thinking it goes in the bin.

Not this week because one article contains a by line so staggeringly ironic that it had to be repeated.

Elliot Wave Forex Trading – It can be hauntingly accurate or disturbingly wrong.

Is it just me or are those the same outcome parameters that define a guess. Does nobody apply any critical thinking to these things before they hit the press…..




  1. graeme tomley says:

    I just read the article on e/w and still feel the same you are always guessing what wave you are in everyone has a different opinion. The reason it runs so hot and cold is I found patterns only work best when the market is over bought or over sold the more the better other wise patterns are unreliable. I prefer Gann its simpler he said everything can be measured so measure the markets limits then look for your patterns when it reaches or exceeds its limits no guessing this goes for all time frames.

  2. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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