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Its Not Your Fault

Every so often you come across a statement that so neatly encapsulates what is wrong with almost every aspect of the modern world that you stand and marvel that someone has actually uttered it.

Whilst heading off to the gym I heard that at a recent get together someone had stated that the war on obesity was failing because we placed too much emphasis on personal responsibility. I thought I had heard this incorrectly and filed it away for reference for when I got home.

When I got home I fired up google fu and found the following –

Dr Samantha Thomas, who spoke at the annual Castan Centre for Human Rights Law Conference in Melbourne, said the war on obesity was failing because society put too much emphasis on personal responsibility.

“Obesity rates are still increasing because we put all the responsibility on the individual, but are completely reluctant to tackle the corporations that are part of the cause – the junk food companies, the soft drink companies, even the town planners who design new suburbs with no backyards or playgrounds,” Dr Thomas said.


Firstly, I didn’t know we had a war on obesity – it seems a bit unfair if we do because the fat bastards would be hard to camoflage and easy to shoot. Secondly, it may have escaped the good Doctor but change only comes from personal responsibility – it is not and never has been societies job to change the individual.

Unfortunately, this attitude has permeated every layer of society and society now gets the blame for every personal failing, indiscretion and mistake. No one any where or at any time is to blame for anything they do. It is assumed by people who push this line that individuals are helpless little children who cannot make decisions for themselves regarding anything in their lives.

You are in the drivers seat of your own life – get used to it.






  1. Wholehearteldy agree Chris. I spotted that article in the paper yesterday and nearly spat my coffee. The central message from these academics to society – that we have no control over our own actions and are helpless in matters of choice and self control – is appalling. There have been some truly astonishing examples of this kind of thinking lately and there is no doubt it is getting worse.

  2. That has made my morning – thanks for the LOL regarding the fat bastards. Love it! :)

  3. It’s not even the academics really. It’s the government! I have a few cows. They rely on me to move them into new paddocks once a week, to treat them with little snacks provide water etc.

    The fences on my place couldn’t hold a one day old steer if he really wanted to go anywhere but they happily wander around where I put them and if they have a problem with a trough or whatever they wait until i appear and stand there mooing at me

    That’s how the politicians manage society in a modern economy. They interfere with every aspect of daily life so that in the end people need a baby bonus to have children and a moving allowance to go somewhere to get a job. People will do incredibly stupid things if there isn’t a sign telling them not to and even sometimes if there is!

    I’m expecting the beach to be fenced and gated any day now

  4. Julienne Kay says:

    Have recently read a book by Jon Gabriel on The Gabriel Method about weight loss. Website He has a completely different concept to weight gain and reduction, very insightfull.

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