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Japanese Engineers.

I have a leaking pipe on my nature strip and it has been leaking for ages. I reported the problem to Yarra Valley water six months ago and they sent out a bloke who in a somewhat disinterested manner stuck a wooden stake into the ground with a little flag on it.

When asked what the little flag meant he said that means I have looked at it. I said so does that mean you are going to fix it and his response was not my job is to look at it.

The image below is of a highway destroyed by the recent tsunami. The Japanese did not come out and drive a stake into the ground with a little flag on it as if they were some street theatre reenactment of Neil Armstong landing on the moon and then wait for the magic fix shit fairies to come out. They actually fixed it.


That’s right they got of their arses and in the midst of their country taking a jump to the right they fixed a friggen highway. Things would run a lot better in Australia if we could opt for the old Roman tradition of dealing with incompetence. If a Roman Legion did some daft, played up or were just useless the commanders would take every tenth legionnaire out of the line and cut their heads off. Hence the word decimate.

I will we could decimate most of our service providers – might actually motivate them to do something.


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