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Mentor Program Alumni

Now that you’re a part of our special Mentor Program Alumni family

Here are your FREE Alumni bonuses… 

Leap-frog your trading hurdles with Louise, Chris and Colin right by your side, every day!

Louise Bedford

Guiding you to be the best trader you can be.

“Louise Bedford here.

Now that you’re a part of our very special Mentor Program Alumni family, I have some terrific treats for you so that you can continue your Mentor Program experience. More about that a little later.

I can’t promise you that success will be instantly yours within minutes of you becoming a part of the Alumni. As a trader you can’t afford to entertain pipe dreams like that. But I can guarantee that you will be exposed to the most up to date, ongoing sharemarket information available and that you’ll short cut your learning curve immensely. And, as you stick with us over the years, you’ll buy back time and avoid the frustrations other traders experience because they are deprived of this exceptional support system.

Let’s face it: Some people seem to attract money whichever way they turn. They’re lucky. Their parents had the Midas touch. They’re pretty much freaks of nature.

But What About The Rest Of Us?

Well, we have to put in work. We have to surround ourselves with like-minded people. Plus we have to draw on the resources of professionals.

That’s where we can help.

Together with the past Mentorees, Chris, Colin and I will be there to answer your questions, provide support, and to cheer your successes.

Make no mistake. The only way to create ongoing change is to receive unlimited, ongoing support. So keep reading to claim your free bonuses and take the next step…”

From the trading desk of Louise Bedford

As an Alumni member you’ll get:

 #1  Your first month’s membership for only $1! After the first month, we arrange for the $29.97 monthly fee to be securely deducted from your credit card, with no hassle on your part – so you’ll never have to worry. (That’s right! You’re probably paying more on your monthly cappuccino addiction than this.)

 #2  Access to all of the past Mentorees via the exclusive, private Alumni Forum, so you can learn from their mistakes as well as their triumphs. Plus, you’ll have a safe place to test out your own ideas, before putting them into practice.

 #3  Your own special moderator, the exceptional Colin Simpson, past Mentoree and now full-time trader, to help stimulate new discussion and guide you to new trading heights.

 #4  Three never before released bonus resources to drive your trading to the next level. These are yours to watch and listen to, free of charge, even in the unlikely event that you decide that you would no longer like to be a part of the Alumni family.

The bonuses you’ll receive are:
1)  a video interview with Chris Tate and Colin Simpson called – A Forex Specialist
2)  a podcast where I interview past Mentoree and psychiatrist Marty Ewer on how to Reprogram Your Mind
3)  and my video called What Were You Thinking? to train your brain so you’ll become a superbly effective trader.


 #5  Special advanced warning about when Chris and I are running other events, so you can be first in, best dressed. Plus, from time to time, we’ll provide special offers and podcasts, only available to the Alumni group.

Plus, you’ll know most of the crew already on board. People like:

Colin Simpson – Alumni Moderator

Providing ongoing support for you as you learn.

Colin will be there to support you every step of the way…

“The trading results have been astronomical. I’m regularly pulling $2,000 – $3,000 per week out of the market.

I’m deriving a very handy income from trading FX and that’s totally due to not only the systems you’ve helped me develop, but also the money management and psychological side you’ve taught me.

This means, that getting out of farming, I don’t have to find another job. I can trade when it suits me and sub-50, I can retire.

Mark Bull

Now a full-time trader in Mildura, getting the results he deserves.

Mark nearly ruined his life…

“I was 6 months away from financial disaster because of the trading strategies I had learned from other share market educators.

Chris and Louise provided me with the right tuition, so I avoided blowing up my bank account and ruining my life.

I urge all traders to seek the training and resources that Chris and Louise provide as they deal in facts and not fiction.

Sharon Cunningham

Now a full-time Mum and FX trader.

Sharon’s now a Full-time trader…

“At the beginning of 2008 I did the Mentor Program.

During the economic crisis while everyone else has been losing money, I’ve been making money… my weekly wage has been replaced by trading on the Foreign Exchange, using the system that Trading Game has given me.”

Your Free Bonuses


Colin Simpson – Alumni Moderator

Determined to bring out your best.

Colin Simpson – A Forex Specialist

Watch this revealing video as Chris Tate interviews Colin Simpson about what it takes to be a superb full-time FX trader.

Pick up hints about strategies and techniques you can apply right now to improve your own trading.

watch here

(26:09 mins)

Marty Ewer – Mentoree

Psychiatrist and disciplined trader.

Marty Ewer – Reprogram Your Mind

Discover Marty’s unique insights based on decades of psychiatric experience, about how you can alter your mindset to become an exceptional trader.

In this never before released podcast, I interview Marty to give you specific psychological techniques that you can implement straight away to improve your trading results.

(23:26 mins)

Louise Bedford

Trading Psychology Specialist.

What Were You Thinking? 

I’ve been fascinated with the way we can program our mind for success, ever since I experienced my first big win on the sharemarket.

In this very comprehensive video, I’ll take you through the likely neurological changes in a share trader’s brain, and reveal the top 5 things that you can do to help propel your equity curve to new heights.

watch here

(1 hr 27 mins)

Plus, much, much more!

These three resources are just the beginning. Already nestled within the Alumni forum is a wealth of information that you probably have never have been exposed to before.

You’ll see my: 

      • Sky News and ‘Dollars with Sense’ TV interviews
      • Hear me interviewed by a journalist about what it takes to trade full-time
      • Hear a ‘Property vs Shares’ debate
      • Hear a very special podcast called ‘Life After the Mentor Program’ with past Mentoree Brian Black. 

It’s all waiting there for you, so what are you waiting for? Jump online now and explore the Alumni forum!

Some of our past students have called it the ‘Mentoree Life Support System’ and they’re so grateful for our ongoing support.

We’re very happy to welcome you into our elite group of specialist traders in our Alumni forum. We know you’ll feel right at home here, and you’ll love it as much as we do.

Warm regards,

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