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Trading Buddy List


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Mentor Program Trading Buddy List

You’re part of the Mentor Program.

Now is the time you can choose a Trading Buddy that will help provide you with moral support and care as you complete the Mentor Program.

Keep in mind, it’s important to act quickly and choose a buddy as soon as you can.

Why? It’s because as time ticks on, the buddies may be asked to take on more and more new Mentorees, and this could be difficult for them from a time management point-of-view.

For this reason, choose a buddy quickly, and contact them via email. Be aware that they could already have too many new Mentorees to look after, so they may need to politely refuse your request. In that situation, choose another buddy from the list.

Click here to Download the Buddies List

Choose a buddy in your area, or one that you feel matches the experience level you are seeking. Email them and say ‘hello’, to start your interaction. Your buddy may also let you know if there are any other traders from the current Mentor Program that they will be looking after.

The onus is on you as the new Mentoree to contact your buddy and to maintain the relationship as time goes on.

Even though they will be there for you for support, take it upon your own shoulders to take responsibility for your relationship with them.

If they have tried to contact you a few times and you don’t respond, this can be very disheartening, so think of it from their perspective. Do everything you can to show them that you appreciate them being there for you. They are volunteering to help you, but if you need or want more support from them, you’ll need to stick your hand up and say so.

Some ideas from past Mentorees about how to get the most out of your buddy

    • Remember to show your appreciation for their moral and emotional support. The buddies are volunteers and need to be thanked for their involvement.
    • If you’re in the same area as your buddy or your buddies other new Mentorees, suggest an afternoon tea catchup to get to know each other better.
    • Some people have used Google Talk which is a free real-time internet chat service, or they’ve used Skype to phone each other if they’re at a distance.
    • Use the Personal Messaging (PM) system on the forum to stay in touch. Remember to find a post of theirs and click on the PM icon beside their post to initiate a PM. If you just search for their name and attempt to PM, the forum system will not allow you to do this.
  • Share your own email/phone numbers/contact details with other members in your buddy’s group.

As a new Mentoree – What should you do next?

If you want to milk the most out of the Mentor Program, remember that you have support available to you. It’s up to you to get in touch with your trading buddy and utilise this resource to its full potential.

Suggest a cuppa, or schedule time to phone them. Set an appointment first so you’ll make sure you’re not interfering with their life away from the Mentor Program.

As a minimum, send an email and make a concerted effort to get to know them and to draw on their experiences as someone who is just a little further down the track than you are.

If your buddy doesn’t live within ‘meeting’ distance, consider catching up with some of the current Mentorees in your area. Just because trading can be lonely, doesn’t mean that it has to be. The collective think-tank of other like-minded people can lead you further than you ever thought possible.

It’s up to you, as a new Mentoree, to draw on their support and stick up your hand if you are running into trouble. Contact your buddy as soon as you can – and kick off a great relationship where you will both benefit.

Click here to Download the Buddies List

What past Mentorees say about the Trading Buddy Project

Greg McAloney
part-time trader, Victoria“My trading buddy has been very useful to get support about the Program, my progress and how I was going. It was also a back stop to ensure support. Knowing someone was there made all the difference”. 

Matt Forster
bookkeeper, Port Lincoln SA

“It’s a great side aspect of the Mentor Program. Whilst I have only had limited contact with my trading buddy because CT and LB answered most of my questions, it is very comforting to know they were there if I needed to ask them a question. My buddy has also given some great advice via emails which I refer to periodically.”


Bob Mitchinson
Engineer, Melbourne

“My trading buddy is excellent. This is one of the best aspects of the Mentor Program. I met him on 2 occasions in the first 3 months. He has been most supportive and free with his advice and assistance.”


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