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My Favourite Headline of the Year

Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad files for bankruptcy

How anyone could ever take a book seriously that was collection of inconsistencies, illogical advice  dressed up in a completely fictitious story is beyond me.




  1. Tony Goodman says:

    I think he has only bankrupted a company that has nothing in it Chris… apparantly if you google some of the articles that are out there about this, it hasn’t affected his personal wealth

    • Its more that it is part of the rubbish that is Kiyosaki and the industry that follows him – the fact that he reneged on a deal and then declared himself bankrupt to avoid paying is very much the measure of the man.

  2. Tony Goodman says:

    i agree with your reply….i also had misgivings some years ago about the way he made money or how he suggested to people to make it in his seminars. I had listened to a tape series that he had made when in Australia and thought some of it was a bit dodgy. Although i must admit i did find some of his earlier books did have some good fundamentals….in saying that i am not a follower of him or his teachings. When i first read your book The Art of Trading in 1999 i found the Psychology part absolutely profound and should be read by everyone and every student to be a must read before leaving school. The chapter you wrote where you referred to charlatans etc was an epiphany for me. I hope you have a new book in the making Chris you are a wonderful author and a great teacher.
    ps a suggestion…maybe the inconsistences and illogical advice that so called popular gurus are spewing forth
    A great book if you get a chance to read it is The Happiness Trap by Dr. Russell Harris…it is excellent

  3. I agree with Tony

    In Rich Dad Poor Dad there was some very good advice and not too much fluff assuming one could read between the lines.

    Simple things like the definition of good debt and bad debt that a lot of people simply don’t understand so they don’t just borrow money to buy a car which is bad enough (Using debt for unproductive purchases) they use their house mortgage to do it so they end up with bad debt that also has a mismatch in maturity with the asset.

    He should have just left it at the first book and shut up

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