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My Pet Hate

Is these idiots who keep using the phrase quantum leap as if you are trying to traverse some enormous intergalatic gulf. For those of a non scientific bent a quantum state is the smallest discrete quantity of a physical property that can be involved in an interaction.

Its friggen small – so if you have a quantum leap you are doing the equivalent of moving the smallest amount you possibly can. So to bastardize the definition a little a single photon of light is a quantum of light.

So if you are going to make a quantum leap in your life, business, marketing or whatever then no one will notice……….




  1. It’s similar to the use of the word decimate to supposedly mean total destruction whereas the real meaning is to lose, kill or destroy 1/10th of something

    • Which I actually dont mind as a management tool. Many companies would benefit enormously by having 1 in 10 senior managers losing their heads. It would probably also motivate boards to actually exercise actual oversight instead of collecting their 500k for 6 meetings a year and then opening the sherry cabinet at the end of the meeting.

      • In my experience many companies would benefit from having practically all the senior managers chopped out of them. I’d also like to see some sort of rule enforced where the highest paid cannot earn more than the 20 times the lowest paid (or 10 or 15 – I haven’t really thought the multiple through)But that would include the hourly rate for directors

        • I agree all CEO’s should be on a modest base, the rest can be based upon performance and non just meaningless performance metrics such as those at set at present. They need to include components such as share holder wealth since boards often transfer shareholder wealth to executives. But also social metrics such as stability in and commitment to their workforce, community involvement, environmental issues. Generally dont be dickheads…..

          • Yep

            I worked for 5 different medium to large Australian Corporations in my 30 years hard labor and I would say the dickhead to good guy ratio is an unfortunate 50 : 1

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