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Oh How We Laughed

Here at peanut central we get our fair share of emails from peanuts, as an example of which I offer the email below –

Sorry to bother you again but this is so important you have know idea I have been so focussed on 2011 and a half I lost sight of the big picture and it just clicked. This month Oct is exactly 288 months since the 1987 Oct stockmarket crash to a Gann follower it tells me we are going to see a repeat of 1987 when the markets had to close because it dropped so fast. The only differance this time is it wont recover like last time this is so exciting as it offers one of the greatest chances to make alot of money very fast by shorting the indices especialy the sp500 my old favourite. Everything is lined up for this move as soon as they are ready they will pull the plug and down it will go some will make a fortune most will lose their hard earned money. I wish I had realised earlier as I have just spent alot of money so cant afford to go in to hard but will look at pyramiding in starting Monday and see how much cash I can find to top up my accounts.

I offer only one comment and that is the nice little cop out at the end.

I wish I had realised earlier as I have just spent alot of money so cant afford to go in to hard

WTF dont you have a lot of money – you can apparently predict markets surely you predicted the 886 point fall in the S&P500 during the GFC. At $250 per point that’s $221,500 per contract you shorted. If you can predict markets surely you would have shorted at least 100 contracts – that’s $US22,150,000. Likewise you would have picked up the bounce off the bottom and been able to margin this $US,22,150,00 to pick up another $US88,600,000. My dodgy back of the envelope guess you should be able to afford the margin on some 4000 contracts.

If the market drops say 25% in a day you would pick up a lazy $275 million or thereabouts.

So why dont you have any money?

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