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Olympians And Advisors

I get feeds from all sorts of things ranging from HFT, obscure bits of derivatives trading news, physics – particularly string theory (which I don’t understand nor does anyone else) to how to lift heavy things without your small intestine popping out your backside. But occasionally I get something I dont expect. Such is the case of this piece which is pompously titled Olympic Investment Advisors

The basic subtext of the piece is that some money managers are like olympians, that is some are comparable to the likes of Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt.  My experience has been that most investment advisors if they are olympians are more like this bloke.

Since investing requires a herculean effort it is generally too hard for most and they should entrust their money to someone else. This piece suggests that you should give it to Paragon because they publish their results. I thought I would compare the results of someone who considers themselves to be olympic material with the system of someone who had done the mentor program.

Now remember the author suggests that….

To become an “olympic” investment advisor, it takes a lot of training, dedication,  motivation, and years of experience. A person can invest in the stock market on their own, but usually they won’t get the “olympic” results they are looking for unless they put in an “olympic” type of effort.

So how does someone who has put in years of training and effort compare to someone who has done a program that lasts just six months. I took comparable data from Paragons website and matched it against the audited results of the generic Mentor Program system

As you can see from the data comparison below Paragons results for their system don’t stack up all that well.


The issue here is one of arrogance – the arrogance of the money management industry that believes that they have something special that others have to pay for. When in actual fact they have nothing special and certainly nothing that the average punter cannot learn.


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