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QANTAS Rip Off Rant

Here is a little QAN story. I no longer fly QAN after they damaged one of my cars at valet parking and that when I told them about this their response was to say I was a liar and that I had actually damaged the car and was simply trying to get them to pay for it. Excellent approach to customer service.

Anyway,  I have an old QAN voucher left over from a flight we cancelled sometime ago and the voucher is due to expire so since I am heading to Sydney I thought I would use it and this would be my last association with QAN. So I priced the flights I wanted though their website and thought nifty they come in under the voucher price. Each leg of the flight was $633 so I go to use the voucher and you can guess what happens next. The price of the flights magically goes up to $714 – so I end owing these dickheads money.

Is it any surprise that QAN is a perfect subject for a business school looking at how you can ruin a globally respected brand. Once again we have an Australian company that treats its customers with absolute contempt.

And for those dim enough to be holding QAN shares the chart below looks at the relative performance of QAN vs Virgin.



  1. Couldn’t agree more. I have had similar crappy service from QAN. I don’t think Virgin or Tiger offer excellent service but QAN is easily the crappiest in my view

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