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Should You Quit?

bliss3I was talking to my friend, Alan Furlong, on the phone the other day. He’s a loyal follower of the positive psychology movement. I asked him “Alan – what should someone do if they really don’t like their job?”

Without hesitation, he said “Quit”.

I have to admit, his answer freaked me out. But the more we talked about it, the more it made sense.

Sometimes your busy-work is not your ‘life’s work’.

So many people have a big stigma about quitting. They’re going through their day with dread, but they feel like they have to keep doing it. At some point it becomes miserable. The treadmill is of their own making.

Staying in a job, a relationship, or a role that isn’t healthy, and won’t lead you to your dreams will bring you right into the ‘zombie zone’. This is a zone where everyone around you is half dead, and you’re fast on your way to joining them.

If you’re waiting for a sign that things aren’t on track in your life, maybe the sign is that you’re waiting for a sign!

You’ve really got two choices. Either you change your attitude about the thing you want to quit, OR, you actually QUIT.

Sometimes, quitting isn’t a bad thing.

Yes, I know I’m the one to say focus, and persevere, but if what you’re doing isn’t bringing you joy – it might be time to re-think what you’re doing.

If what you’re doing is dragging down your soul, it will block you off from seeing the opportunities around you.

What does your internal intuition say? What does your body tell you?

No knight in shining armour will swoop in to save you. If what you’re doing isn’t congruent with who you are, and what your dreams are driving you to achieve… why are you hanging around?
If you’re starting to feel the frustration build up, perhaps you’re living a life that’s not in alignment with your bliss.

Maybe, just maybe, you are living your life… but it’s not your own.

Beginning sooner than you are probably ready for is a hall-mark of courage. Trust in your ability to figure things out. The perfect timing is never going to come.

Set a D-Day. That’s the day you quit. In the meantime, you do everything you can to channel your education and your resources into achieving what you need by that date. Without that D-Day, it’s wishful thinking.

Your D-day is the day you leave the thing that’s not satisfying, not healthy, or not nurturing your soul’s desire. Stop marching to the beat of your miserable drum.

If your D-Day is more than 2 years into the future …. it’s too long to wait.

The vast majority can change almost any aspect of their life within 6 months. I’ve seen it with my own eyes with members of our Mentor Program.

Set your date. Work towards it with passion and focus.

Good traders hustle. They move fast.

So move fast.



  1. Hi Louise,

    Your post on “should you quit” makes me nervous and excited as the same time because I can really relate to what you are saying.
    I am nervous because I think I will eventually quit just like what you have suggested. The excitement is the feeling of quitting and starting something that is more congruent with who I am and my dreams. Thanks

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