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Rave Reviews

“We have been helping regular people make life-changing income for many, many years.”

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Here are some giant pages of testimonials from regular people who took our strategies, and applied our methods and who have achieved phenomenal results. They all took action, and when they did, their lives changed forever. The success we’ve created for all of these people is even more important as the success we have personally achieved. It shows you that our heart is with our traders and there is little that brings us more pleasure than seeing them excel. Keep in mind that many people don’t want to go public & say what they have achieved…

So, this is just a microcosm of thesuccess we have achieved for literally thousands and thousands of people just like you. One of the things I want to emphasise is that the information we are providing has not just helped people trade in one way, with one instrument. We’ve been able to help a vast number of ordinary people trade all sorts of different instruments, all around the world. We are dedicated to helping individuals become successful traders, so they can live life on their own terms. It’s within your power to make this your richest year ever. All you need is the correct training. Here is what some of our past students have to say about us…

Thrilled With Their Results!

Make sure you have your speakers turned on to hear these incredibly inspiring videos!

Colin has left the farm, and is now trading full-time from Port Douglas, raking in FX money every
week. Want to hear how he’s done it?

Colin has it made! He trades full-time from his tropical hideaway in Port Douglas, and sub-50, he’s been able to retire. It was only in September 2004 he posted on our Mentor forum: “…I have been trading for two years, with varying degrees of success, but want to become a full time trader and part-time farmer.” Just goes to show that with the right Mentors, all things are possible.

Explore every corner of the globe…

Rob has made the world his trading room. Following the Formula 1 circuit, trading as he goes, Rob now lives the jet-setting life that others only dream of. None of this would be possible without Chris and Louise’s training.

Some of Kym’s trades have returned 73% and 60%. How’s your portfolio faring?

Kym works for Telstra and is the father of three beautiful daughters. He feels that completing the Mentor program is ‘one of the best decisions he ever made’ and says that ‘the profits I have made have covered the initial cost of the course over and over again.’

Joe used to trade blindly before the Mentor Program. He has been making 50%+ on his trades. With the right training, so could you!

Joe Papa is an orthodontist and runs a very successful practice part-time. Trading has provided him with the freedom to enjoy his family even more. He says “Louise is an inspiration”. Listen to more of his views here:

Make money in all market conditions!

Peter is making money in uptrends and downtrends, both in Australia and overseas. With the right training, in a decade, once you take up trading, your life could look very different. Your financial future is in your hands.

Chris and Louise will help you develop a winning system.

Six excited traders talk about the difference Chris and Louise have made to their lives. Embrace the knowledge they can provide. Realise that they are your shortcut and your unfair advantage in the sharemarket. They will guide you towards achieving what you want through trading the sharemarket.

Don’t cap your own potential!

Barry & Elizabeth have trained with Chris and Louise for well over a decade. As an example of just some of their incredibly profitable trades they’ve made 872% on one CFD trade, and 598% on a share trade. The training has had a huge impact on their lives.

Time to Hear from Some Mentor Program Graduates

Kirsten is now confident

“The Mentor Program exceeded my expectations. It gives me confidence; I can picture the road ahead and know where I am supposed to go.”

Kirsten Stoldt, Primary Producer, Northern WA

From a standing start…

“Having come into is program knowing nothing about trading I was amazed at the level of content and the way the program was structured and delivered. This program exceeded my expectations and I look forward to continuing my development under the watchful eye of clearly very competent Mentors. I have learnt more in a 6 month period than I did in an entire 4 year degree and for a quarter of the cost.”

Ben Wood, Teacher, Coffs Harbour

Full Support

“Go for the Mentor Program. If you don’t, you will end up losing not only money but also your confidence. The cost is nothing compared to the results you will get.”

Iqbal Arakkal, Aspiring Trader, VIC

The Mentor Program is Essential

“The whole experience was thought provoking and made me realize which areas I needed to work on. I believe it achieves results because clearly all of you are such gifted educators and your strong understanding of psychology clearly shows. Without proper education, the price of ignorance is costly. Trading the markets is one of the most difficult endeavours you could undertake and the Mentor Program will provide you with the best preparation possible.”

Paul Terbizan, Home Builder, VIC

Best Value For Money

“If you are serious about trading and want to learn in the most educational and supportive environment possible – then you must do the Mentor Program as it is the best value for money trading investment you will make short term whilst also  providing long term benefits which far out way it’s cost.”

Rod Chapman, Business Manager, WA

Support Always There

“By the end of the program we had all the information needed to create our own trading systems. Think of the cost as an investment in yourself. The program will always support you as long as it takes as you can repeat the program as many times as you like for free.”

Benjamin Lee, Technical Pathology Officer, NSW

Yes, Yes, Yes!

“YES YES YES! I have been searching for something like this for years.  Did not know what I did not know.  I am only just beginning to realise.  I know that with risk management and position sizing I will not blow up. I have a feeling that the cost of participating in this course will end up being the least expensive item I have ever purchased. Apart from that I have a lifetime of learning opportunities. It’s almost like being part of a family.”

Gary Cooper, Trader in the Making, NSW

Greg is Ready To Soar!

“Having built some considerable wealth in other businesses, and trading profitably for the last two years,; my ego got the better of me to the point that I viewed the course prior to its commencement as merely confirmation of what I had been doing already. I soon came to the realisation that I knew nothing at all. I always dreamt of being a full time trader, and whilst I thought I had all the ingredients required to make it happen, the course really gave me the confidence to really make it happen. This was a big step for me. There’s a big difference to thinking about something and actually doing it. I would never have taken that step without the program.”

Greg Targett, Hotel Industry, Bendigo

Sheldon’s Not Alone

“You are not alone and fully supported and encouraged. There is a strong sense of belief that is ingrained in the structure and team running it. I can from my heart say today that I am still on the right track and have joined a network of success.”

Sheldon Marles, Trader, Brisbane

Frank is blown away…

“I have been blown away by the integrity of the presenters, Mentorees and buddies.”

Frank Chituta, Manufacuting Technician, Sydney

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Here are some other rave reviews from traders:

“It was a valuable experience to attend your seminar. Applying your teachings has removed the stress from our life. We value your generous sharing of knowledge and ongoing support.”

– Barry & Elizabeth Zeuschner, Brunswick, Vic

“The presentation was fantastic. You both bring a beautiful balance of energy. Yin and Yang. Female and Male. Funny and Emotional. Technical and Simple. I didn’t feel that there was one hollow moment.”

– Frank Sellam

“Louise really knows how to explain the basic principles in trading. She can penetrate your confusion and simplify the most difficult concepts. Together Chris & Louise make a fantastic teaching team.”

– Fiona Herbert

“Chris and Louise thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all in a practical and realistic way without the bells & whistles. For anybody serious about trading, your rules are invaluable.”

– P. Axford Melbourne Victoria.

“Hi Chris and Louise, I just want to thank you very much for the recent mentoring program I have completed. Having started my trading career trading the SPI and then moved onto Options I now know I was doing things all wrong. With the very sound foundation now laid with your course I am sure I will be able to go onto succeed in trading.”

– Alan Williams, Melbourne.

“As a fledgling trader, I felt it was important to receive education from people who have the credentials and who know and understand the markets. What I wanted was straight forward advice as to what works and what doesn’t in the real world, not just theory. By attending a workshop hosted by Chris and Louise I was able to learn techniques which I implemented immediately into my trading plan. As a result, I’ve had my best ever trades to date. If you’ve attended another course and have learned the basics, I highly recommend investing in the advanced trading sessions offered by Chris and Louise.”

– Mark Migallo, Sydney

“We very much appreciate the training we have received from Chris Tate and Louise Bedford. Our immediate concerns were with market entry and exit criteria which have been well covered in your courses. But this opened the door to the more fundamental considerations of system design, stop losses, capital allocation, risk management and the overall change in attitudes and beliefs that are necessary in order to become a consistently successful trader. We have yet to achieve all of these goals, but we know we have been given the appropriate tools and set on the right course, and for this we thank you very much. We have undergone a profound leap in knowledge and understanding of markets, trading and psychology. The training we have received has compressed what otherwise would have been years of learning (if we lasted that long) into an integrated, comprehensive and above all practical methodology of trading.”

– Peter and Janena Best, NSW

“It is hard to find good mentors in this industry and I just wanted to let you both know that I have finally found them in the two of you. Thank you both for the training and knowledge that you have shared with me. Your guidance has helped to answer so many of my questions and add the finishing touches to my trading plan”

– Justine Pollard, Collaroy, NSW

“The course was a fun filled way to learn more about candlestick charting. It was worth every penny!”

– K Newby, Sydney

“The whole course was great. The small group and Louise’s way of answering questions was terrific. The whole presentation was wonderful”

– Cheryl Newby, Sydney

“The course content was simple to comprehend and understand. Well done!”

– T Bellette, NSW

“The application of what we’ve just learned to actual charts was terrific”

– Graeme Ware, NSW

“Louise injects a lot of personality and fun into trading”

– David Harvey, NSW

“Working through actual examples of selected stocks really bought the theory to life. I’ve built a lot of confidence in identifying candlestick formations.”

– P Alexander, NSW

“Louise has a way of presenting that is really easy to listen to and very entertaining”

– S Holmes, NSW

“Christopher Tate trades for a living and is very knowledgeable and generous with his knowledge. Chris has a “system” that he will teach you. The system is simple. Chris is straight forward. You will be pleasantly surprised, and in the end you will realise it is up to YOU to make it work.”

– Leonie Stewart-Weeks, Melbourne

“Shows you the path and gives you the tools that will make your journey into share trading a successful one.”

– John Beaumont-Clarke

“Christopher Tate is not easy. He teaches, leads and cajoles; sometimes none too subtly. If you want to be a trader instead of just dreaming about it, Chris Tate increases your odds of success exponentially.”

– Garry Charman, Melbourne

“Chris has taught me far more than I could have imagined. He has opened my eyes to the real world of trading (no razzle dazzle here!), of how to act in my own best interests, think for myself and survive in the markets. A true gift.”

– Leanne Savoury, Melbourne

“80% of traders fail and leave the market. Some forever. CT will teach you not only how to survive, but how to become the best trader you can be!”

– Shane Baker, QLD

“I thank my lucky stars that I have been fortunate enough to have learnt so much from a true professional such as CT. I shudder to think of what my trading account would look like had I not found out about CT’s courses, books and materials. I have spent a lot of money on educational material and would rate CT’s materials to be of high quality and of exceptional value for money.”

– Caroline Semisi, Melbourne

“Chris Tate’s simple and hands on approach to trading with an emphasis on risk management will help you to develop the skills acquired by all top traders. It will be a rewarding learning experience for anyone who aspires to be a successful trader.”

– Joseph Pau, NSW

“Chris’ trading and teaching methods are logical and understandable, and reek of common sense. His direct approach is empowering and challenging – and the results are great learning, and the potential for great trading.”

– Paul Welsby, NSW

“One of the key tenets of teaching adults goes something like this: “Tell me I forget, Show me I remember and Involve me I can do”. Chris Tate’s approach to teaching the complexities of trading is very much focused on “getting me involved”. Through his unique combination of questioning, challenging, and problem setting, Chris leads his students on a journey of self-discovery and learning through doing. The end result is that you not only have a toolkit of techniques, but also the confidence that you can work your way through the many challenges that the market throws your way.”

– Fay Benjamin, QLD

“Chris Tate’s training methods and straight forward and very effective, no bull$#!t, smoke and mirrors or mystique.”

– Harry Bouchier, NSW

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