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Hot Off the Press Reviews

Sandra Doesn’t Blindly Follow Someone Else

sandra_santelliSandra Santelli, Administration and Bookkeeping, Townsville

“The Mentor Program covered all bases, especially risk management. While providing guidance and getting us to where we need to be challenging us to understand trading. The forum is a valuable tool, terrific to utilise. I read and considered everything I need. I found it thought provoking and helpful.

It’s worth every cent to truly understand what you’re doing and the why of your trading system, instead of blindly following someone and trusting that they know what they’re doing.”

The Mentor Program is Life Changing

Now let’s hear from some Mentor Program Graduates

Great Building Blocks To Setup Foundation

andrew_nesbittAndrew Nesbitt, IT Professional Extraordinaire, Brisbane

“Great building blocks to setup the foundation to work. Incredibly thorough overall. A great sense of community going through the course as a whole.

I circled doing this program for a number of years. I regret not doing this years ago. Louise and Chris are both excellent teachers.”

Leigh Learns From Like-Minded People

leigh_wilkinsonLeigh Wilkinson, Builder, Kyabram, Victoria

“I really enjoyed the program. It has given me a solid foundation from which to build wealth and more importantly create a wonderful lifestyle that I don’t think would be possible otherwise. It was great to be able to communicate and learn from like-minded people and the support and general sharing of so much knowledge from Louise and Chris was unbelievable, something that I’m sure I will be forever grateful for.

Just do it, the evidence is over-whelming.”

A Complete Mindset Change About Trading, Money and Life Goals

arthur_zhuArthur Zhu, IT specialist, Melbourne

“Before the Mentor Program, I was struggling to find a purpose in life. Since completing the Mentor Program, I feel I can take on the world and fulfill my life goals and dreams.

The results speak for themselves.
Expect long term results.
The benefit is life long.

Agustinus Believes it’s a Lifetime Relationship with the Elites in the Game

agustinus_wibisonoAgustinus Wibisono, IT Professional, Point Cook, Melbourne

“It’s not just about technicality of trading being taught and discussed, but also the mindset that come or should come with it. That it also affects everything in life not just trading. Like also that it’s a community that helpful and friendly and support each other.

It’s more than just a course for trading, Chris and Louise are genuine and helpful. There are other mentorees as well that are supporting each other. And the course can be repeated as many times as you like. It’s a lifetime relationship with the elites in the game.”

Sheamus Gains Confidence to Succeed as a Trader

sheamus_morrisseySheamus Morrissey, Web Developer/Analyst, NSW

Taught me everything I need to know. All my questions were answered either directly or indirectly. Has given me the confidence that I can be a trader and will succeed. I’d never come across people I respected from a mentor side of things till the Mentor Program. No Bullshit. Just straight talk. Many many thanks.

You will get the cost back over time. It is just a business cost and trading is a business.

Jane Feels Part of the Family

jane_charlesworthJane Charlesworth, Trader in the Making, VIC

“The enormous amount of information given and the fact that feedback is given in a very safe environment. Feelings very much a part of the “family”.

The fact that they are able to repeat the program as often as they like. If you are prepared to take responsibility for your future, then this program is for you.

Look into their eyes and realise that this could be your future

Banish Your Doubts. These Traders Are On Their Way


anthony_menilloAnthony Mennillo, Lawyer, Adelaide

“The support offered by Louise, Chris, Scott and Colin as well as the other mentorees was phenomenal. Although it seemed overwhelming at some times, no question was considered too simplistic.  I really felt “protected” on the forum.  I think the focus on mindset throughout the program but particularly in the first section was vital.

The knowledge and confidence gained through the Mentor Program is more than worth the costs involved.  You can’t afford not to do this if you want to be a successful trader.

I would like to thank Louise, Chris (in particular) but all others involved in the Mentor Program for everything that I am now and the trader I will become.

Kevin “Loved it…Not Sugar Coated…”

kevin_johnsonKevin Johnson, Food Industry, Adelaide

“The knowledge and sharing of this information openly and honestly. Also the feeling of “not being alone” with a large support network and having access to the people running the program. Meeting like minded people and establishing new friendships which I know will continue for a long while.

It is not a course that is sold and you then become a statistic. The knowledge that is passed on is also supported by statistics which are not hypothetical. The realities of trading are not sugar coated.

Loved it. Highly intensive and definitely life changing. I am excited with this new direction that I am forging.

Carolyn Spends Money Educating Herself

carolyn_martinCarolyn Martin, Administrator, Mackay

“I originally read Louise and Chris’s books before considering the Mentor Program. The course helped build on what I learned from those books. The interaction on the forum was great as you learned from other people’s questions and the answers. Getting to meet like minded people and forming a network that you could communicate with into the future. Having the ability to ask questions of Chris and Louise.

It is better to spend money educating yourself before launching into the market, than loose more money by making bad mistakes and wrecking your confidence.

“Pure genius…”

sharon_torrieSharon Torrie, Self-employed – Hospitality, Napier, New Zealand

“I love the diversity you both have and how it transpired through the course. The three month change-over is pure genius; it keeps it fresh. The psychology involved in trading was bit of an eye opener and I’m pleased it was a constant reminder throughout the program.

Best money I’ve spent! Go it alone and spend the next 10 years learning (if you can be bothered) or fast track the whole experience and get in the game. Simple.

This has been a life changing event. Honestly, I could never give you enough gratitude and thanks.”

No Over Exaggerated Claims

alan_skinnerAlan Skinner, Auto Group Business Manager, Taree, NSW

“No bullshit, no over exaggerated claims, just first class information presented so you can understand it.  The information was given in the format to make you think for yourself.  The videos, audio and written material were amazing.

The learning can be done on our own through reading books and browsing the internet, which I did in the past.  It was only a short time into the Mentor Program you realise that you were previously floundering in the dark.

The Mentor Program opens your eyes to how much you didn’t know, and shows you a wealth of information, that would have taken years to learn on your own.

The cost initially takes you a long time to come to grips with, but once you are part way through the course you can see it is worth every cent.

The website and forum access to all the different topics was effortless. It was invaluable to be able to go back and re-read subjects. The audio tracks are a fantastic resource for listening to in the car.

The online format was fantastic for me in time saving features and the convenience of being able to get access when I am available and also from any location. I have been travelling a bit this year but have been able to keep current with the program.”

Would You Let Someone Perform Brain Surgery With No Training?

colin_mckenzieColin McKenzie, Property Developer, QLD

“Their honesty in their views, their patience and perseverance in having to deal with others ignorance and opinions in relation to markets. The fact that they care enough to do this.

To consider it this way, would you let someone perform brain surgery on you if they had not done any training/education.”

Your Trading Mentors – Chris Tate and Louise Bedford


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