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More Success Stories

Imagine for a moment…

…that there was a place where you could learn the latest techniques, hang out with like-minded experienced traders, and be guided by two of the most committed traders in the industry. A place that filled you with purpose, certainty and energy. A community that understood what you’re going through and that felt like home.

  • What difference would this make to your trading?
  • What changes would this make to your life?
  • Would being involved with this place fulfil you as a trader and give you the support you’ve been craving?
  • If you had the chance to get involved, would you?

For many of us, the answer would be YES!

Troy Cortis, previously a real-estate investor, is now a full-time trader, after graduating in December 2009.

troyTroy Cortis, Sydney, full-time trader

Troy says: “Property investing and share trading are such similar as skills, it would be a crime if you didn’t do both.

As a direct result of doing Louise and Chris’s Mentor Program, my returns in trading have been incredible. In only 6 months, they showed me how to trade every opportunity, safely and with confidence and they can do the same for you as well. Their support is phenomenal.”

Over a 16 week period, after finishing the Mentor Program, here are Troy’s specific results:

Top 3 share returns (+)201.7%161.0%88.6% Bottom 3 share returns (-)-32.4%-14.4%-5.0%

Average Return for Time in Market



No Stocks

% Stocks Returning Losses

% Stocks Returning Profits

Average Annualised Return

Average Return for Time in Market Net
of Brokerage

$ Profit after Brokerage

TOP 100










TOP 101-300










TOP 301-500




















Have a look at his results! And to hear the full revealing interview:

Way to go Troy! Makes working for a living seem like a distant memory! 

Joseph has doubled his money already, and he only graduated 12 months ago!

josephJoseph Campbell, Travel Enthusiast, Christchurch, New Zealand

“12 months on from the Mentor Program my own trading is fabulous. I am a very conservative person by nature and my personality type is more suited to being a ‘turtle’ rather than a ‘hare’. One major thing that I took away from the Mentor Program was the fact that ‘a good system should keep you out of the market as well as tell you when to trade’. This was the statement that resonated the most with me as I clearly don’t go looking for trades as they now tend to find me.

This was the turning point in regard to my trading. Everything from that statement changed my entire view of the market and if ‘my system’ only gives me 6 trades a year, I’m happy.

My trading account has doubled over the last 6 months (very juicy indeed)!”
Congratulations Joseph. Chris and I couldn’t be happier for you.

Does this place exist?

Oh yeah, it certainly does. It’s the Trading Game Mentor Program – a 6-month course where you’ll learn about trading every instrument, over every time frame, and develop your own trading plan, while being guided by me, Louise Bedford and my business partner, Chris Tate.

Plus, because you can repeat the Program as many times as you like for FREE, we’ll be right by your side, even decades down the track.

Here’s what these Mentor Program winners have to say:

Congratulations Dean! You’re now a Full-Time Trader.

“I have just updated my portfolio since the market closed this afternoon (31/12/10) and I am very happy to be 25.15% in profit in my Super Fund since trading live with real money on 1 September 2010.

The All Ords is up 7% over same period and flat for the entire year (All Ords is down 35.6 points or 0.7% since 31/12/09).

There are a few things which stick in my mind everyday I trade:

  • Stocks can go higher than you ever imagined
  • Simple systems can work
  • Trust your system
  • Let the market tell you where the action is

My wife is happy – I am happy… I couldn’t have done it without your support. I’m sure I tried Louise and Chris’s patience with my constant questions. I can’t thank you enough. I wouldn’t be a full time trader today if it hadn’t have been for me finding the two of you.

– Dean Walton, Full-time Trader, Melbourne

It’s a shame for you not to create financial freedom through
the share market when these people are doing it so confidently…

Thrilled With Their Results!

Steve Warden and Peter Williams are both profitable 6 months on!

Watch this video and you’ll hear from Steve and Peter exactly what it takes to trade like a machine.

Six months after the Mentor Program, Steve is a full time trader, and Peter couldn’t be happier with his results.

Great results guys.

You’ve gotta be happy with that.

Gordon Gekko eat your heart out!

Natasha and Glenys are happy, confident and trading dynamos! You can be too.

Women often under-estimate their own abilities. Take heart ladies. Trading is an equal opportunity employer. Watch this video now to hear about the results these two have achieved since completing the Mentor Program. Both are profitable. Both realise the opportunity they’ve been handed.

“I think that women can do anything they decide to do” – Grace Kelly.

“Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get.” – Ingrid Bergman.

“An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.” – Mae West.

“The word ‘Action’ frees me.” – Sophia Loren.

“It’s not the having, it’s the getting” – Elizabeth Taylor

No more excuses ladies! This is something you CAN do, and do exceptionally well.

Malcolm’s The Hedge Fund Manager For His Family!

malcolmMalcolm Waldock, Office worker, Sydney

“Straight after the Mentor Program I completed 16 initial trades, following my trading plan to the letter.
I’m up 25% overall, and it’s only taken 6 months to do it. Plus only 4 trades are closed out and the others are still running. During the same time period, the All-Ords is only up 4.8% – so I’ve done 5 times better than the returns most other traders would be achieving. Plus, the feeling of security I have about my skills is immense. I’m confident I can continue to outperform the market because, as a direct result of your teachings, I have all of the tools I need to excel. I’m now the hedge fund manager for my family, and I couldn’t be happier.” Well done Malcolm!

“This course  – it is “Bang for Bucks”

peterPeter Huth, one of our growing number of tropical traders from Cairns

I wish I had heard of this years ago. Would have saved a fortune! I am a person who is very sceptical of courses and their content. This one has been exceptional and value for one. I would recommend to anyone who asked to go do it.
I was reserved about the course. Having done some others of which I did not have a very good opinion about was reluctant at first to do another one. Having been in the property renovation game for over 10 years, there is a saying “Where there is muck there’s Bucks”. This course  – it is ‘Bang for Bucks’.

Jason is trading profitably – inspired by the information we’ve given him.

jasonJason Laird, Operations Manager, NSW

“I’ve been so impressed with your products and the information you provide for your trading community. You spell things out in simple terms and your focus on psychology is terrific. I’m in a very demanding career, so I see trading as being a part of my solution as eventually I’d like to flick the day job or at least reduce the hours spent there.  I’ve been “real” trading for about 2 years now.

Your information has helped me to be profitable in the markets. In the first year I made a gross profit of 22% and calendar YTD in 2011 I’m sitting on 18% – which is a top result given that the market has been going sideways for most of the year. I’m happy that I’m in the black, have preserved my capital and all the while learning from you (Louise) and Chris Tate.  Anyway again I just wanted to commend you on your terrific resources.” (June 2011)

Leanne finally has hope for her trading future.

leanneLeanne Adair, Medical Secretary, VIC

“A huge thank-you to you (Louise) and the trading game family. I have just joined the community and are so excited about the journey ahead for me. The information that is available through your website is amazing, I am madly reading, reading and reading. This is exactly what I have been looking for. Even in the free 5-part e-course, you start from the start in a very understandable maner and gradually move through the processes, it is fantastic.I have applied to join the Mentor Program in 2012.

In the meantime I am studying all I can so I have as much knowledge as I can before the Mentor Program which I believe will take me to where I would like to be.I have wanted to start trading for years now but haven’t found a program that suits me but now I believe I have and just in the few short weeks since joining have become very excited about the future.”

Sharon’s ready to trade…

sharonSharon Bilton, Business Owner, Perth

“I was fascinated, relieved to hear the information that I’ve been searching for in a format that I can read well, utilise and most importantly, apply!”

Marciej is under our wing

maciejMaciej Calski, Mechanical Engineer, Melbourne

“The program is worth every cent. You will develop not only as a trader but also as a person. You will be surrounded by like minded people, not just for the duration of the program. I’m under “the wings” of great mentors.”

“The most outstanding program of learning that I have done…”

richardRichard Finerty, Manager, Townsville

Chris has an amazing depth of knowledge. Once I became familiar with his teaching approach, I became a great fan and always looked forward to hid videos’ audio’s and posts. It definitely exceeded my expectations. I have been blown away by the professionalism, the depth and breadth of content, the absolute commitment to the Mentorees of Louise, Chris, Scott, Colin, the passion, the respect and the the teamship. Thank you Louise & Chris. The most outstanding program of learning that I have done and I have done Heaps!

“I had no idea we would cover so much content in such detail.”

brendanBrendan Harris, Property Manager, Brisbane

“The program exceeded my expectations. I had no idea we would cover so much content in such detail. I have no hesitations in recommending the program and it’s well and truly worth the cost.”

“Accelerated my learning…”

justinJustin Gillick, avid football supporter, Geelong, VIC

“Worth every cent. The mental aspects of trading are so important and this course put me in the right direction to explore and learn. Appreciate your willingness to openly share so many years of experience. This has accelerated my learning and my belief in achieving my NOW defined objectives. Looking forward to hanging around and continuing my journey and making some trading friends. Thanks again Chris and Louise.”

“Live your life the way you want to…”

christineChristine Dawson, Single Mum, Melbourne

“Just do it!! There is so much to gain. You could become a full time trader and get your life back and live it the way you want to. My biggest fear is that trading was not going to be for me and that I wouldn’t be able to do it – but it is and I can!!”

Natasha says we need to charge more for the Mentor Program!

natashaNatasha Nemaza, Agricultural Scientist, Maffra VIC

“Chris makes you feel reality of the market and opens up the tricks and tools how to make your system successful. The Mentor Program raised my confidence to undertake trades and helped me to be more organised with my daily activities. I have placed only limited number of trades (as the time progresses they were gradually increasing). On average we pay $5,000 – $6,000 (or even more for med students) for university degrees per 6 month semester. The cost of this Mentor Program will be paid back if the rules are obeyed (if you stick to you trading plan and system). Why not invest money to your financial future and be independent from economical environment or employment position?
I had a fear of unknown, but when now approaching the end of the program I feel that it was artificial fear. I was worried about the course cost. Now I would say that they do not charge enough.”

Exceeding the expectations of even a trader well versed in the markets…

christineJohn Richards, aspiring nomadic trader, Melbourne

“Having been familiar with Buy and Hold equities and some option selling I thought I would be fairly well equipped to take on this course. However the extent and detail of the material together with Louise’s and Chris’s expertise has stretched & excited me about what trading will be like in the future.
I guarantee you’ll learn and experience a depth and breath of material supported by experience and expertise that can’t be found anywhere else. I was hungry for information and coaching from experts. My fear was that there would be little new or challenging. I don’t feel like that now. I am truly excited about aver the next twelve months digesting and implementing what we have been exposed to during the course.

“Even if you don’t trade immediately, the costs of the course are invested in to a life-changing experience.”

richardRichard King, Pilot, Melbourne

“It continued to push the boundaries of my trading world by expanding into other instruments that I have been either too daunting or surrounded by an air of mystique. This is a no-brainer. The cost will be recouped within a few trades. Even if you don’t trade immediately, the costs of the course are invested in to a life-changing experience.
I was anxious about meeting Louise and Chris, since obviously successful people are somewhat confronting. I pushed through those barriers and found extremely down-to earth and approachable people, who get extreme enjoyment about helping others.”

“From the trades I’ve done so far, I’ve more than covered the cost of the whole Program.”

sandySandy Roughley, Trader to be, Angelsea

“I feel confident that I’ve left the course with a solid trading system that will be a strong foundation for my future trading. I have also discovered a number of problems with the way I used to trade that I have been able to easily rectify that has made my trading more profitable. While the mentor program isn’t cheap – it is excellent value. It’s quite easy to lose the equivalent to the cost of the course – and more – trading without knowing what you are doing. As a result of the course I am trading more profitably, better managing my risk with much less time and effort than I took previously with my trading.
I’ve got so much more than I expected from the course. I feel confident that I have the strategies, tools and knowledge to ensure my future trading is successful. An added bonus is the friendships with other program participants. I am now catching up on a monthly basis with other people in my local area who have done the course. This is a great mutual support. From the trades I’ve done so far, I’ve more than covered the cost of the whole Program.”

“You will not find another program of this standard anywhere else.”

stacyStacy Lulham, Registered Nurse, Newcastle

“You will not find another program of this standard anywhere else. And you can repeat the program however many times you need or want to. The emphasis on the psychological aspect of the course has been so valuable.
I cannot thank you enough for this. The trading plan is the best thing in the world. It has helped me clarify my aims and goals and helped me to understand myself far better as a trader and enabled me to forge the guide lines I need. Thank you.”

“I think you can’t afford NOT to do it – it’s the best investment you’ll ever make.”

lainIain McAlpine, focused on trading success, Melbourne

“I loved the way we built system rules to the point of where we have a clear binary entry signal. Magic! What I really wanted was a system with clear results that I could back test, then trade. That’s the way the program was structured. I think you can’t afford NOT to do it – it’s the best investment you’ll ever make. I have really enjoyed the program. I appreciate the way it systematically builds our knowledge and capabilities. It doesn’t fall short of expectations and even when it seems overwhelming there is always an opportunity to catch up.”

Lorraine even wants her boss to do the Mentor Program

lorraineLorraine Millard, Local Council Finance Department, Euroa, VIC

“I have actually mentioned this course to my manager. I said that there are a lot of expensive courses out there that are “rip off’s”. If you are looking to do a really good course this is absolutely the one. It is a fairly big investment up front but it’s well worth it.”

Leo’s fears have dissolved…

lainLeo Morales, Accountant focusing on Superannuation, Melbourne

“After reading Louise’s books I was really interested in getting to the program. My fear was that it would probably be like one of the other “trading courses” or seminars where people just want your money. However, the Mentor Program gave me more than I initially expected. The Morning Journal and the Trading Buddy Project were exceptional.”

Margery has developed the skills…

margeryMargery Smith, Music Lecturer, Newcastle

“My personal confidence has really grown from doing something I thought I could never do. I now have the skills to survive in the market.”

The Program walks the talk…

gordonGordon Whalein the Real Estate Business, Viewbank, Victoria

“Your expectations are built on what others say about the program. I found it did ‘walk the talk’. The ability to be able to repeat (and reinforce) the program is fantastic.”

“You’d be crazy if you don’t…”

karolynKarolyn Hovilai, Single Mum, Perth

“The whole Mentor Program has been well beyond my expectations! The supportive environment in the forum is exceptional. Just Do It! You would be crazy if you don’t.”

“Mind blowing”

terryTerry Huett, aiming for financial independence, Brisbane

“The Mentor Program is mind blowing. Literally. But extremely informative and gives me a wealth of knowledge about what to trade and how.”

“It worked for me”

brianBrian Jones,Builder, Jervis Bay, NSW

“Committing this amount of money is a personal thing. All that can be said is it worked for me. Having to be able to repeat the program is the final thing that made me do the program. Being able to concentrate on areas and miss other parts will next time is a benefit. Access to the alumni area for a small cost is perfect.”

Ray’s trading full-time now, with our support all the way

rayRay Hocking, full-time trader, Torquay

“There is no other course as comprehensive as this offered anywhere. My aim was that this will set me up with a new career and I have no doubt this has been accomplished.”

What is your passion? How do you spend your time, and is this the way you would choose?

Trading is a skill-set you can learn. I’m living proof! This isn’t out of your reach. It’s just a matter of learning the right skills so you can live life on your own terms as a trader.

Tell me: if you knew how to create money, simply with the trading methods you implement, how much stress would instantly dissolve from your life?

How confident would you feel?

So, whatever your current role in life, wage-slave, business owner, career-junkie, or ‘between opportunities’, trading can dovetail right into your life and give you ultimate peace of mind. And Chris and I will be with you every step of the way.

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