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Success Stories

Thinking about Joining the Mentor Program? 

You owe it to yourself to watch this:


Vera has had instant results, even within the first few weeks!

Vera Cvetkovik, Business Analyst, Sydney

“Even within the first few weeks of the Program, I started putting my trading portfolios in order – and I’ve had instant results.

I’ve covered the cost of the Mentor Program already and I’ve only traded with a fraction of the capital I have available.

Results count and this is so much more than just a ‘feel good’ course. You’ve taught me specific money making strategies that I’ve successfully applied and made profits straight away.

You really have a lot to be proud of in the way you teach and that knowledge obviously sticks and shows in your students’ portfolios!

You are both excellent Mentors, with unique teaching skills that complement each other perfectly.”

“…Worth every penny”

Robert Vered, Accountant, Reformed Over-Trader, NSW

“Did the Mentor Program live up to my expectations? So much more than that – It’s bloody good value! It’s the best education decision I have made in 30 years. The value of this course has vastly exceeded my expectations. The feedback and support have been outstanding. There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.

This is the best Program I’ve come across in over 30 years of looking. It’s worth every penny.”

“…becoming a professional trader is virtually assured”

Krishna Kumar, new Trader, VIC

“The objective of becoming a professional trader is virtually assured. It’s such a well rounded Program that goes beyond creating a trading system.

It provides a supportive environment for the rest of your life, not just the duration of the course. The emphasis on money management, position sizing and stops as well as psychology is brilliant.”

“…a safe and trusting environment”

Richard King, Pilot, VIC

“The Mentor Program is outstanding. The first few months have made an impact on my life even in ways unrelated to trading. The support from fellow and previous mentorees is immense, and leads to a safe and trusting environment to share experiences and ideas.”

“… a heck of a lot cheaper than the money you’ll lose trading when you don’t understand what you’re doing.”

Sandy Roughley, Trader, VIC

“Do the Mentor Program. It’s a heck of a lot cheaper than the money you’ll lose trading when you don’t understand what you’re doing. You’ll learn strategies to generate profits while managing your risk that will well exceed the cost of the course. I loved being able to work at my own pace and having the opportunity to revise everything I needed to.

I also appreciated the opportunity to learn from the contributions of other mentorees – past and present. A big thankyou to Louise, Chris, Scott and Colin.”

“… keep repeating the Program as many times as you like”

David Colvin, Businessman, North East Vic

“The fact that you can keep repeating the Program as many times as you like is just fantastic. There’s so much information, it’s impossible to take it all in.

Also, the fact that Chris and Louise are there for any help needed now or in the future is so comforting. I’m gaining more confidence as a trader every week.”

“Jump at the chance to get involved.”

Stacey Lulham, Nurse, Newcastle

“The Program is one of those pivotal things that you do in your life. It’s so much more than trading, or even personal development alone.

Jump at the chance to get involved. Once you’re in the Program, you’re expose to information with the power to change your life. Sure it’s intense, but it’s put forward in a way that’s so encouraging, it’s not intimidating at all.”

“…the absolute best choice.”

Terry Huett, semi-retired, Brisbane

“Louise has the best method of presentation of anyone who I have ever seen. If you’re serious about taking your trading to the ultimate level, then this course and the ongoing involvement of Chris and Louise in your life is the absolute best choice. I’m definitely convinced that by stepping up and taking this Mentor Program, it’s been the best decision of my life.”

“…gives such inspiration”

Lorraine Millard, Finance, Euroa, VIC

The Mentor Program is definitely worth the cost. You can listen to podcasts and videos over and over again, plus the forum is great. Just reading other Mentoree’s posts and ideas gives such inspiration. It’s outstanding. And you can repeat the Program as many times as you like to cement your knowledge and pick up anything you’ve missed.

“an astounding feat of outstanding support and encouragement.”

Brian Jones, Builder, Jervis Bay NSW

“In the first 3 months of the Program, Louise answered every question personally which is an astounding feat of outstanding support and encouragement. The Program has been fantastic. I wouldn’t change a thing. The cost is insignificant compared to the cost of not doing the Program.”

“I was skeptical at first…I’ve now got Mentors for life.”

Joe Basile, IT Program Manager, Asia Pacific

“I was skeptical at first, but my fears of a marketing spin type of course were quickly allayed. The Trading Game is the real deal. I’ve now got Mentors for life. I love how the Mentor Program has taken the ‘gambling’ out of trading. As far as I’m concerned, the course has paid for itself in the first 3 months.”

“It could save you years of financial pain.”

Bekir Bekir, no longer a ‘buy, hold, hope’ investor, Melbourne

“There are times when seeking guidance is the best decision you could make. Trading is when you should do so, because it could save you years of financial pain. The Mentor Program is priceless. It’s well worth the cost for how much I’ve learned and it’s also put me in contact with other like minded people.”

“…an altruistic endeavour for the benefit of their students.”

Peter Gregory, Geologist & IT professional, NSW

“At first, it’s a leap of faith to get involved, but in the end, you’ll find it so very rewarding. Plus, because the Program gives you continual support indefinitely – this is a sure sign of the genuine commitment of the instructors. It’s a truly unique training Program which I now believe to be, not just a business venture for Louise and Chris – but an altruistic endeavour for the benefit of their students.

Take a leap of faith and do it!. Talk to someone who had done the course – word of mouth is the best form of advertising. The inter-personal nature of the program is very valuable. Rather than just get a lecture and a set of notes, being able to interact with you and the other mentorees is a terrific way to learn and very effective”.

“this course is worth 10 times anything else I’ve ever done.”

Annette McNicol, Property Developer, Sydney

“I’ve done a couple of other courses, but this course is worth 10 times anything else I’ve ever done. I hesitate to say this, but you could easily charge many times the fee! I love that you tell it like it is.

There is a great sense of community that developed. The Program is down to earth and did not make claims that you could make vast amounts of money in a short time. Love the integrity. It surpassed all my expectations. The bit by bit accumulation of knowledge, the support, gentle confrontation when necessary. I have done many other courses in the past 2 years. Without doubt this was the best investment of them all by a long shot!!”


Have a look at another brand new video of recent Mentor Program graduates.

Ask Yourself….

Do you really think that all of these people would stand behind us, saying how much they have got out of the Mentor Program if it wasn’t true? 

Many of our Mentorees are now waking up with a smile on their face and a spring in their step because they’re excited about their future … some for the first time in many years.

And these Mentorees are just a few short months closer to trading success than you are. Achieving what you want is probably closer than you think…

…” a nice security blanket”

Patsy Bilic, Cane farmer, QLD

“The Mentor Program is well worth the cost. There’s a great balance in presentation between Louise and Chris. I relish the day when I will have a documented trading plan and my trading system is summarised to an ‘arrow’ on the chart to tell me to buy or sell. I’m just about there.
It’s a nice security blanket to know I can repeat the Program as many times as necessary.”

“My advice? Don’t procrastinate”

Cathy Ruhr. Self employed, full-time carer, Kempsey NSW

“Louise is such a caring and giving person. She reminds me of a mother hen with all her chickens around her. I’m so grateful that I’ve been a part of the Mentor Program. My advice? Don’t procrastinate – just do it. It’s worth every penny and more. I really wish I had have done it earlier.”

“It’s been excellent!”

Darryl Byrne, Vancouver, Canada, Project Manager

“The Program provides a way of interacting with other people who are serious about trading and have persisted until they achieved trading success.
It’s been excellent!”

“Just do it!”

Andrew Lytton Hitchins, Sunshine Coast. full-time trader

“Just do it! It will be the best thing you ever do – plus you can re-do the Program as many times as you like forever, for no extra cost. How good is that!
Louise’s openness, honesty and generosity and her commitment is extraordinary.”

“Even if you have to save for it, make the effort.”

Geoff Moore, Metallurgist, Burekup, WA

“If you want to get serious about trading professionally you have nothing to lose. Even if you have to save for it, make the effort. It will be one of the best things you’ll ever do.

I’ve got more than my money’s worth in the personal growth I have experienced since beginning this journey.

Just do it! If you are passionate about becoming a good trader and freeing yourself from the shackles of work then do it for yourself and your family. You’ll make it all back many times over in terms of dollars and time. Thanks so much for creating the opportunity for the Mentorees to share yours and CT’s knowledge. It’s been a fabulous and challenging experience and I’ve been impressed by both your levels of knowledge and practicality, and by the personal integrity that has demonstrated itself time and time again. I’m so glad to have found and been able to learn from such great mentors and am looking forward to interacting with you and the great community I have now become a part of in the future.”

“I would have given anything to have done it years ago”

Craig Denny, Previous Paramedic, Newcastle

“Louise is an amazing teacher and a compassionate caring person who I’m honoured to know. The amount of transforming information that is offered is amazing. I would have given anything to have done it years ago and procrastination is such a waste of time. Just do it and have the life others only dream of. I will be forever grateful to Louise and Chris for changing my life and the life of my family, and even future generations of my family.

Doing the Mentor Program is really worth it. However if you procrastinate over this, you will probably procrastinate about a lot in your financial decisions in the future and may never get anywhere. Thank you so very much for changing my future and the future of my family. I feel this will change my family’s financial outlook for possibly generations”.

“The information provided is priceless…”

Natasha Nemaza, Agricultural Scientist, Maffra VIC

Would I recommend the Mentor Program? Absolutely!!

The information provided is priceless.

I’ve never seen people being so upfront and open with such exceptionally precious information.”

“My only regret is that it took so long to find you!”

Robert Ayre, Engineer, NSW

“I’ve learned so much in such a short time frame. You’ve totally changed my outlook towards trading. I’m more organised not only with my trading but also in my own life. The information you’ll learn will far outweigh the costs incurred to participate in the Mentor Program. I’m so glad I made the decision to join. My only regret is that it took so long to find you!

I think the program is brilliant. I am now confident that I can move forward from this point. I have learned so much more than I expected and feel it was worth every cent. What you’ll learn from the program would far outweigh any of the costs and if you didn’t participate. Not to be involved would be one of the biggest mistakes they could make during your lifetime. This is definitely be a life changing experience. The cost of the program is insignificant in comparison to the profits.”

The Mentor Program has already paid for itself

Paul Millar, new trader, QLD

“The podcasts and notes you assembled made this a real joy for me. I previously did an alternative course that promised a “river of money”.

All I ended up with was a mud puddle!

The Mentor Program has been a real godsend. I started trading while I was doing the Mentor Program. In the first few weeks, and my trading has already paid for the Program!”

“…forced me to keep active while I learned.”

Graham Binder, Property Developer, QLD

“There’s a massive learning curve, but the way the course is structured forced me to keep active while I learned.

If you’re prepared to put in the effort, the course is outstanding.

The Mentor Program went above all of my expectations! (This is an understatement). I believe it was more about mind-set than anything else. To me, this proved its value. Being told to find this out for ourselves (within a framework/guidelines) was more valuable than being spoon-fed”.

“You’re dealing with people with integrity and who walk the talk”

Jay Parshotam, Accounting/Corporate Sector, QLD

“You’re dealing with people with integrity and who walk the talk. Assistance is life long. The Mentor Program is excellent value and the content is exceptional.”

“…you have to question – What’s holding you back?”

Ray Hocking, avid golfer & trader, Torquay VIC

“I have done many other Programs and this is by far, the best Program going. There is no hype and there are SO many past mentorees that swear by the Program, you have to question – What’s holding you back?”

“Look at Chris and Louise’s reputation!”

Martin Chatfield, stay at home Dad, SA

“Look at Chris and Louise’s reputation! There’s no doubt in my mind that the Mentor Program will be worth far more to me than the cost of entry. The forum is great and the quality of delivery is excellent.
Absolutely fantastic program. Exceeded my expectations. The whole thing is very well organised and structured. Watch the testimonial videos. Do your research, find out how well respected Chris & Louise are. The forum is a fantastic tool. After about 3 weeks it dawned on me how powerful the forum community is and that I really wasn’t doing this alone! Before I booked into the Program I felt excitement, anticipation, and the feeling I was about to embark on a journey that would be life changing. I WAS RIGHT!!”

Want to know Louise’s favourite drug?

Louise, Chris and Frank Sellam, Business Entrepreneur, Sydney

“I’ve known Louise for over 9 years. For many reasons she is incredible. Her integrity and honesty is instantly felt. She walks the talk. She’s always responded to any of my questions. Her Knowledge is endless. She’s never fed me, but has always taught me how to fish.
I know that her favourite “drug” is helping people like me out. My success (and everyone under her mentoring) feeds her happiness. If your path crosses hers, then never let that connection go.”

We’re here for the long term.

More Proof – coming your way:

Louise Bedford – Your Trading Mentor

“These new traders are the people we’re having coffee with in the middle of the day, while everyone else is working at a job. Are you sick and tired of the drudge? Well, it’s up to you to make the changes required so you can alter the course of your life.

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