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This is getting ridiculous!

Louise Bedford – “What’s stopping you from becoming an exceptional trader?”
I know what you’re thinking…

“This is the 6th page of Rave Reviews – Is it possible that all of these traders are delusional? Is it possible that every one of them are lying about the Mentor Program as well as Chris and Louise? Could they be ‘made up’ testimonials? Could Chris and Louise have hired actors to say these things?”

Ha! Well, what do you reckon?

We’ve shown you hundreds of satisfied traders, not only thrilled with their results, but also hungrily awaiting their exciting trading futures – knowing they’re a part of our exclusive trading family.

Check us out for yourself:

  • We’re here for the long term.
  • We’re solid.
  • We started trading before Bob Hawke was Prime Minister.
  • We know our stuff.
  • We produce outstanding traders.

So – what’s holding you back? 

The only person holding you back is YOU!


Here is what this group of excited traders have to say about the Trading Game Mentor Program.

Look into their eyes. Hear their commitment. Put yourself in the picture. Trading success is closer than you think!


“I was at the point of walking away…”

Terry Gunning, Mechanical Maintenance, QLD

“Before starting the Mentor Program, I was at a point of walking away from the markets. I was confused and realised I didn’t know what I was doing. I could not work out why I was making losses or wins. I even sought professional help from a fund manager. What an absolute disaster they were. They did far worse than I!

The Mentor Program has opened up many new horizons which at times I thought were daunting. Daunting concepts, as well as I haven’t studied for a long time.

A sincere thank you for all of the help, guidance, information and encouragement. I’m looking forward to continuing this incredible journey as a Mentor graduate, confident because I know I’ll have your support as I can repeat the Program for free again and again.

An ‘off the shelf’ trading system wasn’t the answer for Andrew

Andrew Stewart, Carpenter, Noosa QLD

“I purchased an off the shelf trading system last year. If I mentioned the name to you, I’m sure you would have heard of it. I found that although the system is good and proven, it just wasn’t mine, and found myself doubting the system and at times making my own rules.  Results were good but I gave it all back within a  4 – 6 week period.  I realised 2 things at this  point:
1) good money could be made out of market
2) I needed to further educate myself to get these results and consistently.
I watched the last Mentor Program pass me by and I thought “well its now or never”. Do something my mates aren’t doing, or do something different, bite the bullet.  And so I did. I did the Mentor Program with Louise and Chris and it was one of the best decisions of my life.

“Take the step…”

Melissa Jacoby-Croft Brand New Trader, Sydney

“The Mentor Program was outstanding. Take the step. It more than exceeded my expectations. I feel empowered.

If you decide to trade, the knowledge and experience from the team is worth every cent.

If you decide after the course not to trade, you have just saved yourself an infinite amount of money, heartache and loss.”

“I would have happily paid double for the course…”

Brian Carpenter small
Brian Carpenter, Professional Trader, Brisbane

“I would have happily paid double for the course. The Program is about so much more than just picking a share. It is an experience that has made me reassess and adjust certain beliefs. Before the Program, I didn’t have confidence in myself and I didn’t have a trading system.

Now, the Program has shown me exactly how to ensure survival in the trading environment.Just look at my new business card!”

“Money well spent”

Peter Williams, Mechanical Engineer, VIC

My biggest fear after booking into the Program was “Did I just waste a lot of money?”. After completing the Program, I can unequivocally say “It was money well spent”. I’ve achieved confidence that in a few years time I’ll be able to quit my day job and still financially support my family. The knowledge I’ve gained is priceless.”

“The Program delivered far more than that”

Peter Stefaniw
Peter Stefaniw, Trader Extraordinaire in the making, QLD

“I set out with the objective of developing a better strategy for trading equities and options. The Program delivered far more than that. I now have a sustainable trading plan, a community of trading buddies and I can tap into the resources of the Program again at any time.”

“It’s changed everything for me”

Louise Walton
Louise Walton, Trader in the Making, NSW

“The Mentor Program definitely lived up to my expectations. It’s changed everything for me – my trading, my understanding and awareness, plus it’s improved my confidence. It’s given me a way to become more mechanical. I especially wanted an Index system which performs, and I’ve finally got one!”

“The rest of your life is there to be lived”

John Stone, Official Grey Nomad, Australia

“How much is your financial future worth? The rest of your life is there to be lived. Take control and become part of the Mentor Program.”

“Everything, and I mean everything, that was promised has been delivered.”

Jamie Davies
Jamie Davies, Future Racing Car Driver & Trader, QLD

“Some of the things I’ve learned would have taken me literally years to learn in the real world. The course has been outstanding. Everything, and I mean everything, that was promised has been delivered. The door to the future has been opened and I have seen what is on the other side. I am driven by what I have seen and realise it’s all up to me. Thank you guys. Life will never be the same again.”


Louise Bedford, Your Trading Mentor“We just had the final day of the Mentor Program. I have to say, it was all rather emotional. I felt like a Mum when her kids move out of home. I know we’ll all stay in touch because the attendees will repeat the Mentor Program as many times as they like for free – but still… the active part of the Program is so intense.Clearly I have separation anxiety! I’d love to get to know you more on our next Mentor Program.Obey your impulse and register for Priority Notification now!”


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In the Mentor Program, you‘ll learn the most up-to-date trading techniques with the ability to repeat as many times as you like for free. Make a pact with yourself now that no matter what the economy is doing, you‘re determined to become an ultra-versatile trader capable of sniffing out hidden profits in the markets. If that‘s what you‘re after, we can show you how to get there! Right now there are a bunch of excited traders on this prioirty notification list who have asked for "first preference" at getting into the event, and who have qualified for some great free goodies. Fill in your details now and receive:


In the Trading Game Mentor Program you will get:
  • The most up-to-date trading techniques
  • Become a versatile trader capable of sniffing out hidden profits in the markets
  • Learn how to take the guesswork out of share trading
  • Repeat the course as many times as you like for free

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