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We Are Traders…

They say we should give up our hobby. They call us gamblers. They say we depend on luck and that we should get a real job. They wonder why we don’t have to wear a suit to the office. They think we use our gut instinct to make our living.

But if they only knew the truth…

  • We are the masters of risk.
  • We shun being mediocre.
  • Our skills can be learned, but they are only perfected by the few committed souls who choose to focus.
  • We are the essence of entrepreneurial spirit.
  • We live by our wits.
  • We adapt, yet stay 100% loyal to our trading plans.
  • We are snipers, striking hard when the trade reveals itself.
  • We choose to follow our dreams.
  • We give time to our families, and money to the community

We trade the gold on the watch on your wrist. We trade the companies you work for. We trade the grain that makes your bread. While you shrink away from the thought of failure and loss – we relish it. We know that loyalty to our trading plan will bring us one step closer to an outrageous win. We are not afraid to take losses. Those are our defining moments. Discipline and self awareness are our constant companions. We know that together we are a formidable force, united in our Trading Game community of fellow investment entrepreneurs. We are what you always wished you could be…

We are traders.

Well done Jeremy! You covered the cost of the Mentor Program in only 2 weeks.


“I began trading in the ‘Trading Game style’ on Friday 25th March. Today is 11th April, [just over 2 weeks].I have banked $14,500 as of today. I have made 7 trades in that time for a total investment of $193,000. I have kept to a less than 1% risk, using the stops method I’ve been taught.Every step of the way I felt safe, secure and confident because I knew that what I’d been learning through the Mentor Program was effective. Plus, I am currently up a further $7,000 as I have 5 stocks that are still running. I have covered the course cost twice over in only 2 weeks!

Chris and Louise, thank you for all your patient help. Your Mentor Program has changed the way I’ve viewed trading forever.

I can genuinely say that I have only achieved these terrific profits as a direct result of everything you have taught me. I can’t wait for the rest of the course and because I can repeat the Program for free as many times as I like – I know that this is only the beginning.”

Quick update April 21st 2011“Good news! I’m now up a further $11,000 in the trades still in my portfolio. Goes to show – once a trend is running, it’s likely to continue in the expected direction. All we have to do is hold on for the ride!I also forgot to mention how much I’ve been grateful for Scott Lowther’s valuable help and assistance. He’s an unsung hero, and his involvement has really cemented the principles of effective trading for me.”

Here are some thoughts from some other sparkling Mentorees.

Thinking of doing the Mentor Program, but not sure what your spouse will think? You need to listen to this interview!

Dimitri is taking destiny into his own hands. Are you?

dimitriDimitri Stavovoy, Aspiring Trader, WA

“Every day delayed reduces your super fund savings, because the people who manage your funds do not care about you.

I think it is time to take your destiny into your own hands. It’s time you did the Mentor Program with Chris and Louise – for yourself, your family, and your life.”

Wayne has made the right choice.

wayneWayne Reid Dairy Farmer, SA

“How should you improve the Mentor Program? How do you improve on something that seems to be working well and has done for so many traders that have done the course prior to me?

If you’re thinking about doing the Mentor Program, I suggest you’ll never find out whether you can reach your full potential as a trader if you do not do it. It’s your choice. I made mine and I’m glad I did!”

Maria is on her way…

mariaMaria Townsend Cattle Station Owner, Katherine NT

“If you thought you knew a bit about trading before the Mentor Program – you are about to go on a steep learning curve of wonderful growth and adventures that will take you to new heights.

You’ll learn so much more about yourself as well as how to trade successfully.

When I got to the psychology section of the course, I had a real ‘aha’ moment about where I have come from and what is possible about the potential of myself and a system that can work and become profitable over time.”

Don’t Limit Yourself

karenKaren Hansen-Palumbieri Graphic Designer, Melbourne

“The amount of information and knowledge that has been passed onto us in the Mentor Program is amazing. I can already hear it in the way I am talking that it has become part of my thinking.Plus – The repeat factor!! Do you know you can repeat the Program as many times as you like for free?The fact that Chris and Louise really ‘tell it like it is’, but it is accessible to anyone at any level of ability is incredible.

The Mentor Program is designed in a way to really push us to new limits in our self and yet you have given so much support. I don’t think there is any other higher education system that is so accessible.”

Donna now has the belief she needs to excel

donnaDonna Barrington Printing Industry, NSW

“It is only from doing this program that I have realised how lacking other programs that I have done are. What I have learnt in the first 3 months of the Mentor Program is more than I have learned in the last 3 years of attempting to learn.Thanks for giving me the knowledge to succeed in the share market. I now have the belief that I can do this.”

Quick update: August 24th, 2011: 

“As a direct result of the Mentor Program, I sold out my losers, kept my winners and hooked into a share that went from $1.845 to over $4. I have since closed out the position because of strategies I was taught in the Mentor Program and made a very nice profit on the position. I have a complete plan and supreme confidence that I’ll replicate this time and time again – so I won’t just be a one hit wonder. That’s what the Mentor Program means to me – confidence, and the ability to trade safely and securely.

The Mentor Program was a life-changing experience for Rod

rodRod Chapman, Business Manager, WA

“The benefits of trading education from educators who know their stuff and care about you succeeding ensures an outcome that makes the cost of the course a distant memory. This is a life-changing experience that takes you on a life learning experience on trading.

The trading family is more supportive of your endeavours and desire to be a successful trader than part of your blood family and are always there to offer advice and point you in the right direction.

Good cop bad cop role play between CT & Louise makes for an interesting and at times funny interaction throughout the course, but critically I believe leads to the success of the course and the way its content is imparted to the Mentorees. Thanks ‘mother hen’ and ‘big bad dad’ for what you provide to the Mentorees in an open, honest and engaging manner.”

Greg is creating a brand new, confident trading life – for himself, and his family

gregGreg Targett, Accountant, Mt Isa QLD

“This is a life changing course.

I’m just sorry that I waited so long to register!”


Supporters can do it!

russellRussell Pollock Real Estate Agent, Collingwood, Supporter, QLD

“This is not ‘get rich quick stuff’. It is about giving you the fundamentals first and the knowledge to stay in the game for the long haul.”

Iqbal knows he has our full support

lqbalIqbal Arakkal Aspiring Trader, VIC

“Go for the Mentor Program. If you don’t, you will end up losing not only money but also your confidence.

The cost is nothing compared to the results you will get.”

Frank is blown away…

frankFrank Chituta Manufacuting Technician, Sydney

“I have been blown away by the integrity of the presenters, Mentorees and buddies.”

Nurses make great traders

pennyPenny Davis Nurse, WA

“By doing the Mentor Program you will save money in the long run – instead of losing it to the market.

You will have ongoing support and can repeat as often as you like for not extra cost. You also learn to trade all markets over all time frames.

Louise, thank you for all the time you have given to the Mentor Program. You always get back to questions quickly – no matter what time or day.”

You’re not alone

lyndaLynda Whitton Retired – now a trader, WA

“The Mentor Program sets in place everything you need to achieve a better financial future. This program holds more than you ever thought you were going to get.

If you have doubt in your financial future with ‘Trading’ this program is the answer to your problems. It is not a ‘weekend wonder’. It is an ongoing team of support.

The backup given from all involved in the program to be one of the best parts of the program. The pool of knowledge to use is worth every penny this program costs.”

Mike was sceptical to begin with

mikeMike Smith Software Developer, NSW

“I felt very unsure about the value before it started in the Mentor Program.

There is a fear of not getting value.

But every single week so far I have learnt something that confirms this program to be outstanding and worth every cent.”

Peace of mind

christineChristine Edmonds Travel Agent, VIC

“Having a program that runs for six months is amazing. To know that at anytime, your questions will be answered and that you are not alone gives me such peace of mind.

To know that you have joined a trading community for a lifetime is a comforting thought.”

Lack of Education is more expensive

frankFrank De Jong National Sales Manager, VIC

“Education is expensive, however lack of education is more expensive.

If anyone is serious about investing, they need to invest and understand the basics otherwise you will simply blow yourself up.”

It only took 10 days

johnJohn Walters GP, VIC

“The cost of the Mentor Program is roughly equivalent to one semester of university (e.g. Business) training. The MP is so very much more valuable than any university program I have ever seen. The price is cheap for what you get – It is exceptionally good value.

Within 10 days of commencing the Mentor Program, I realised that not only were all my expectations exceeded, but also that all my trading training needs were going to be more than met.”

Trading is only part of the journey

andrewAndrew Phillips Cattle Farmer, NSW

“For me it has been already been a period of amazing personal growth which has resulted in me having clarity about where I am going in life and what type of person I want to be. The psychological aspect of the program and the morning journal has been the best.

The course has already changed my life and I’m only half way through so far. I am looking to continuing this journey.

If you want to trade then you will lose more money by not doing the course.”

Part way through the Mentor Program, and already profitable

simonSimon Asher Business Consultant, VIC

“Really appreciate the Trading Buddy concept and love having people around who I can connect with. Doing the Mentor Program is definitely worth the cost.

Even when I was half way through the course, I already got a return from trading.

I love the skills learned to manage the risks  of trading.”

Help is always available

andrewGeoff Robins, Firefighter, Gold Coast

“The Mentor Program is well worth the cost, as you can repeat the course and help is always available.

It is a credit to Louise, Chris, Scott and Colin for the genuine concern that you have to ensure that we all succeed as traders and receive the support that is required.”

Other seminars set people up for failure

simonJohannes Oleczek, Accountant, VIC

“I enjoyed how the Mentor Program covered all aspects of trading such as entry, exit, position sizing and psychology. Other seminars seem to only focus on entry, which sets people up for failure or for developing poor trading systems.

Going to Uni or undertaking post graduate education will cost you more and won’t teach you anything other than how to do your job. This will allow you to set up your life financially. When they open for bookings for the next Mentor Program, book in immediately.”

Audrey Can’t Fault the Mentor Program

audreyAudrey McKenzie Physiotherapist, VIC

“I can’t fault the Mentor Program.

It is a very well structured and detailed program, that provides traders a holistic perspective and directs traders to develop their own trading methodology based on objective reasons.”

Colin has a great Trading Buddy for life

colinColin Nathan IT Manager, VIC

“The Mentor Program Buddy system is great. My senior buddy is a genuinely fantastic guy who has been the single best resource/acquaintance I have gotten from the program.

I do believe that we will maintain ongoing contact and that I could eventually say that he is a friend rather than an acquaintance.”

Learn more but don’t pay an extra cent

susanSusan Cunningham Teacher, VIC

“The Mentor Program is the only course I have found with ongoing learning where people who have traded successfully answer all of your questions. 

It’s the only program that lets you learn at your own pace, and where you can go back and learn more later on without paying a cent extra.”

Find Your Own Path

fredFred Riess Scheduler/Planner, Gippsland

“The Mentor Program makes you work harder in obtaining solutions – but they will be ‘my’ solutions.

I will be more comfortable in making changes because I was involved in developing these solutions. The ongoing support is a big plus as I am sure there will be times when psychological support will be needed.”

And how about you?


Chris Tate and Mentorees, enjoying success.

“These new traders are the people we’re having coffee with in the middle of the day, while everyone else is working at a job.
Are you sick and tired of the drudge? Well, it’s up to you to make the changes required so you can alter the course of your life.
Obey your impulse and register for Priority Notification now!”




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