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Really………WTF Is The Issue?

I have been reading some of the commentary about this particular interview with so called traderĀ Alessio Rastani. Much has been said about the veracity of this interview whether it was legitimate or a well crafted hoax. Irrespective of any of this the commentary around it has been somewhat hysterical and completely misses the point.

The aim of being a trader irrespective of whether you are self employed, work for bank, hedge fund if you are trading your Great Aunt Mables inheritance is to make money. Much of the hand wringing over this interview has simply been because someone has articulated this view in public as if this was a great secret.

Trading is not a public service charity, we dont hug puppies, save whales or become semi orgasmic over the thought of organic lentils. We aim to make money – that’s it. We are completely responsible for how we perform, make money its our fault, lose money it is also our fault. Unlike the majority of the world we dont seek to blame everyone else for our failures.

As a life message every child should be told that the easiest way to help the poor is not to be one of them.



  1. Loved that interview, it was gold :)

  2. Well said – both the interview and your comments.

  3. I love the way the fuzzy thinking welfare lovers get annoyed that someone is actually trying to make a buck off their own efforts. Where do they think all that welfare comes from (apart from stealing it from their own children via a government deficit that is)

  4. Bill Davidson says:

    Absolutely spot on, I am astounded why it is such a shock to some people to what this bloke said

  5. Personally, I found myself nodding in agreement – & then was shocked that others didn’t agree.

  6. I have learned that people don’t like the truth if its not what they want to heard they would rather lose everything then complian about it. Watch any trading show and watch how quick they try to prove them wrong or cut them short they are so bias only wont the positive spin.

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