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  1. Unfortunately that seems to be 100% true.

    If, like Me, you have bogans in your circle of family and extended family it’s interesting to listen to them and their thoughts about the way the world works.

    Three very central thoughts that seem common are

    1. The pie is a fixed size and anybody with a slightly larger piece has stolen it from them and should give it back.

    2. Some external force has been controlling their destiny – they are sure they did not choose to be dumb, fat f8ckwits who smoke away their day in crappy rented government housing

    3. Any member of their ‘gang’ who tries to lift themselves out of the sludge is quickly clawed back into the mire because they make all the other ones feel inadequate

  2. Well, they probably didn’t “choose” to be “dumb” (not sure who would choose that!), but we all have stuff we didn’t choose. It is how you respond that counts.

    It is simply a part of existing that there are people who ridicule and have no joy in others success. But it provides insight into their psyche. One just needs to switch off from the negative around them.

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