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Survival of the fitbit

I heard the other day that Fitbit the once darling of wearable fitness devices is coming out with a competitor to the plethora of smartwatches that are now on the market. To my eyes Fitbit falls into that wonderful category of companies that either created or dominated a niche and then failed to adapt to change. Perhaps Fitbit is the Kodak of this century.


It is interesting how companies are afflicted with blind spots – Fitbit obviously failed to see the danger in smartwatches that do everything their little bracelets did and more. Makes me wonder what my blind spots are….



  1. Bill Miles says:

    I suspect that most of the time most of us are blind to most things. How could it be otherwise? In one small life we are only capable of attending to a tiny part of the tiny universe that has been chosen for us, let alone the whole universe. I think we wander around lost within it, and manage to cope with the consequent disorientation by creating meaning for ourselves so that we can focus and survive ( a la Viktor Frankl). Unfortunately meaning is limiting and has no universal traction in the vastness of the universe as we understand it. So hanging onto that meaning in the face of the variant enormity around us seems to be the only way the human race can cope for 3 (or, now 4) score years and ten. But maybe not so even then, if one considers the vast expanding sea of depression and anxiety afflicting at least the Western world. But if not meaning then what? Blind spots indeed! Got me going you did. Good one Chris.

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