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The Honest Truth About Dishonesty – Dan Ariely



  1. This book was on my reading list and it has now moved up the list.

    Interesting, thanks Chris.

    Ariely provided some good concrete examples of dishonesty. Human nature 101.

    There are people who will be altruistic no matter what – after that it is a sliding scale of incentives.

    To deviate slightly from Ariely’s focus on justifying our own immoral behaviour; at some level we are all aware that we walk around rationalising, justifying and fortifying our (dishonest) stories about ourselves and the world we move in. Reinforcing opinions internally and externally. A little bit of self preservation. A little bit of self promotion.

    I don’t know if the book delves into this, but what I think is interesting is looking in general at how these rationalising thought processes can become so embedded in ones psyche they become the only way an individual can think and see. Without question. To keep the world Goldilocks.

    If this has occurred it raises several questions. One of which; what situation/environment (both internally and externally to the individual) existed that allowed/necessitated the development of such personal dishonesty. Another; once (if) there is a realisation, what to do with this new found honesty and is there enough motivation to action change.

    • Ariely also has a collection of short pieces (generally less than 5 mins) available on iTunesU along with a podcast called Arming the Donkeys

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