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The Retreat Of Mortality

This has all sorts of implications that in no way have been prepared for by government simply because they have neither the intellect to understand the problem nor the will to fix it.

We are on our own with this one……………..



  1. Bruce Fenwick says:

    At the 16:45 mark in the talk the lecturer says:
    “Down here, predictably, is Scandinavia, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Luxemburg doing the best of all of course Luxemburg’s got a GDP of $45,000.00 per head per year compared to about $35,000.00 anywhere else, so if that can’t buy you long life then I don’t know what can!”
    Wow! You can actually buy a longer life!!!

  2. Bruce Fenwick says:

    I’ve obviously spent way too long watching this video!
    At the 40:10 mark the lecturer mentions the Mediteranean Diet,
    “It really does appear to work!”.
    Meat Monthly.
    Eggs, poultry, fish and sweet things weekly.
    And wine, lots of cheese and yoghurt,
    Olive oil – very central to this.
    Daily consumption of cheese and olive oil, fruit, beans, legumes and vegetables.
    It “does appear to be true. This does make a difference.”

    At the 43:27 mark the lecturer says:
    When used as a therapeutic measure, has dramatic and predictable results.
    Upon levels of mortality from heart disease, stroke and also surprisingly; Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other conditions.

    Wow. The lecturer goes to ask about quality of life.
    My question is. How does this affect world population?
    And what are the implications of that?

    Thanks Chris for an awesome blog.

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