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Too Stupid To Trade?

I used to think that there was no such thing as being too stupid to trade since trading is not really an intellectual endeavour. All it requires is a sound method and a robust psyche to keep plugging away with your method. Developing a sound trading system is not really that hard, if you can point yourself in the direction of the prevailing trend then most of the hard work is done. It certainly doesn’t require a Mensa level IQ – in fact being a clever clogs seems to hinder the trading process.

However, over the weekend, I was reviewing the emails that come into our support section of Trading Game and I am starting to review my decision as to whether you can actually be too stupid to trade. In fact, I think I was completely incorrect as to whether you can be too stupid to trade. Consider the examples below, which are actual emails that have been sent to us. Now in each of these examples the return emails are quite polite and point out gently the error of their ways – as such they are definitely not sent by me. Now is the time for me to have a go.

Example A

I have been trading for three weeks and are yet to meet with any great success.

In other words I have placed a few trades and I am yet to have enough to buy a Porsche. FFS you moron it’s, not tattslotto, it’s, a business. Just because you have the attention span of a brain damaged newt doesn’t mean you should inflict your idiocy by writing to other people.

Example B

Are the people in your testimonials all actors?

Yep that’s, right we went to NIDA and asked for a group of graduates who looked like ordinary people who were nervous in front of a camera. They sent us some brilliant folks – they are so natural at being nervous in front of a camera that we are going back for more. It was great the way they went on about a course they had never been to and managed to get photographed with us.  In fact, next time we are going to ditch the people all together and get Pixar to do us computer animated people which should save enormously on catering and all that other crap. In fact, we will be able to put them in any venue in the world.

Example C

My account is $100,000 and I am worried about my ability to influence the market when I buy something.

Good for you Rockerfeller bet you have your wife confused about how long eight inches is as well, Let me put it this way for you the turnover on FX markets nightly is about $1.6 trillion dollars that is 1.6 plus 11 zero’s whereas your account is 1 followed by six zero’s. Now you might be tempted to think that this is less than twice as much as your account. After all 11 zeros divided by six zeros is  1.8 in I have not a friggen clue world. Obviously, you were busy stuffing crayons up your nose the day the teacher talked about decimals and those funny zero things. Although I am surprised that given the number of zero’s you would have seen in your life that you are not more well versed in them.

And don’t get me started on people who cannot do basic maths – I would never have thought that percentages where some form of nth order calculus requiring you to exhibit more brain power than it took to get to the moon.

Apparently I am wrong, the number of brain dead peanuts who argue with us over what percentage this or that is or that is, is astounding. Somewhere there is a Mister Whippy van with their name on it – mind your their name is probably spelt incorrectly. Likewise, for the people who screw up our mail department because they don’t know where they live – how hard can it be to remember where you live. I have known 4 year olds who can navigate  their way back home and who know their own phone numbers.

Remarkably, the world is littered with people who don’t know either. How the hell do you people get home? Does your Mum come to pick you up or are you lucky that your bus drops you off outside the front door?

More importantly why doesn’t evolution get rid of you before you have a chance to breed and produce stupid children.


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