I had never seen a line that long for anything—let alone a movie.

It was 1991. My father and I were standing outside on a cold Istanbul afternoon waiting for tickets to see Terminator 2. He had promised to take me to see the hottest new Hollywood action flick, and he wasn’t going to let a two-hour wait get in his way.

Today, if you want to watch Terminator 2, you click a button on your computer.

If you want fresh groceries, Instacart can show up at your door within a few hours.

If you want a date, just swipe right.

If you want pretty much anything in the world, it can arrive at your doorstep in two days or less, courtesy of Amazon Prime.

There’s no doubt that we benefit greatly from the speed of delivery. Although I wistfully look back on that father-and-son moment from twenty-five years ago, freezing my butt off while waiting in line wasn’t as glamorous as I might now make it sound.

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